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What is a Repositioning Cruise?

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What is a “Repositioning Cruise”? What are the repositioning cruises good for – destinations, prices, lines and ships.

How to find repositioning cruise deals? Why and when to take a relocation voyage? What are the main benefits and disadvantages? What are the best or cheapest routes? Which of all the lines sail to your continent, country or city – and when?

The list of synonym names for this type of cruise travel deals includes:

1) “Relocation Cruises”
2) “Transfer-” and “Transition Cruises”
3) “Eastbound-”, “Westbound-” and “Crossings”
4) “One-Way Cruises”.

What is a Repositioning Cruise by definition?

“Repositioning Cruise” is one-off sea/ocean voyage that cruise passenger ships make when transferring from one operational region to another. Usually, this is done in Spring and Fall, often each year. But there are some exceptions of these “usual times”.What are Repositioning-Cruises?

Often called “Relocation Cruises”, these special type voyages always feature an one-way itinerary (connecting different embarkation and disembarkation ports) since cruise ships relatively often change their sailing areas due to economic reasons. Another most prominent feature of all these “ship transition cruises” deals is the bargain price – they all are really really cheap in comparison to the ship’s regular cruise rates.

Repositioning cruise deals are rarely called that way by travel agents or in the cruise lines brochures. One of the most popular substitute names officially used by the cruise travel industry’s representatives is “Discovery Voyage”. Other classic names pertain to the one-way crossings group – “Eastbound” or “Westbound”, and “Panama Canal-”, “Suez Canal-” or “Transatlantic Crossing”.

Well, at this link you can read what Wikipedia has to say on this subject. But I gotta warn you – they have done a lousy job on this one – no much of info there, and a short links list this time. I give you this link only out of respect to the amazing Wiki project in general.

Why to take a relocation/reposition cruise?

what is Repositioning Cruise - definition, pros and cons

Still, whoever is blessed with enough free time and an adventurous spirit may enjoy each year at least one of the not so many repositioning cruise ships.

Repositioning Cruises – examples

Cheap repositioning cruise deals – the benefits

Repositioning cruise ships – the disadvantagesbest Repositioning Cruises

Relocation cruise – to book ships reposition deals or not – the conclusion

Repositioning cruise deals offer some of the most exciting itineraries to and from the world’s top vacation destinations. These deals present the cheapest way to cruise on the world’s best floating resorts ever. Ship repositioning deals will get you really close to them to see and enjoy affordably all their stunning innovations, modern amenities and super fun activities. So if you have the spare time needed, search the Web, and when you find the one right for you – don’t hesitate and book it! And yes – these voyages are longer, but also very rare, and always cheap and fun! Enjoy you happy relocation cruises, and best of luck with their prices!

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