Repositioning Cruises has all Repositioning Cruises 2016-2017 schedule as dates and itineraries officially announced by the world’s major cruise lines. here you’ll get your answers to questions’ like “What is a Repositioning Cruise”, what are the best destinations, how cheap are the prices, which are the best lines and ships, how to find them, why and when to take them, what are the benefits and disadvantages, what are the best or cheapest routes.

Relocation cruises 2016-2017 deals are also a pointer where, when and what are all the new cruise ships debuts. Another clue they give is about the lines’ itinerary changes or major changes in destinations and operational regions. Whatever the type of reposition cruises might be, be sure that you’ll get a best price deal on visiting some the world’s most popular vacation travel destinations!

What is a “Repositioning Cruise” – definition

“Repositioning Cruise” is one-off sea/ocean voyage that cruise passenger ships make when transferring from one operational region to another. Usually, this is done in Spring and Fall, often each year. But there are some exceptions of these “usual times”. Your off-season vacations will be marked by discounted cheap rates, big (yet not crowded) cruise ships, lots of “lazy leisure days” to enjoy the tranquility of the sea. Ship relocation deals are the preferable option for “highly addicted” travelers to enjoy a truly special and most affordable sea cruising vacation.What are Repositioning-Cruises?

The special ship relocation voyages always feature an one-way itinerary (connecting different embarkation and disembarkation ports) since cruise ships relatively often change their sailing areas due to economic reasons. Another most prominent feature of all these “ship transition cruises” deals is the bargain price – they all are really really cheap in comparison to the ship’s regular cruise rates.

Repositioning cruise deals are rarely called that way by travel agents or in the cruise lines brochures. One of the most popular substitute names officially used by the cruise travel industry’s representatives is “Discovery Voyage”. The list of synonym names for the repositioning cruise deals includes: “Relocation Cruises”, “Transit-” or “Transition Cruises”, “Crossings” (also with “Eastbound” and “Westbound”). Of course, the most traditional (by definition) is “One-Way”, and also by destination – “Panama Canal”, “Suez Canal”, “Transpacific” and “Transatlantic”.

As to reasons why to embark on a relocation cruise – there are so many big ones. The most simple way to group all these special voyages is to name them “different cruises“. So many people dream to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a beautiful liner. So many dream to visit and sail the mighty Alaska. Or the mesmerizing Hawaii. Or to cross and experience the Panama Canal engineering miracle.

Repositioning Cruises

When considering this unique type of travel vacation themed as “Repositioning Cruises”, know that it’s all about long and exciting voyages, transiting famous canals, crossing the world’s biggest oceans. You’ll be most probably sailing coast to coast, often from one sea to another. It’s about comfort and impeccable service on some of the world’s best cruise liners. It’s about all the fun you can get on up to 3-weeks transitions visiting different continents, changing cold with worm climates. It’s about big-size swimming pool and Jacuzzi experiences, gourmet cuisine, bingo and casino thrills, onboard duty-free shopping. Some ships even offer rock climbing, surfing, hovering and ice-skating at sea. These are two Wiki links to their directories for Relocation and Transfer, where you can search many (although not cruising related) categories on re-position.

Why to take reposition cruises?

what is Repositioning Cruise - definition, pros and cons

  • It’s a longer, often Transoceanic voyage
  • The itinerary has only a few ports of call. Destinations are from the “special and exotic” category, featuring Africa, South America, Transatlantic and Transpacific, US East Coast and Caribbean, often Asia and Australia.
  • Top-option for “best fun” experiences on bigger passenger ships, with a lot more sea days than on a normal voyage.
  • Irresistibly cheap rates – most affordable to cheap cruise rates on both mainstream and top luxury ships when they relocate in Spring and Fall each year.
  • These are all low-season discounted deals on alluringly low priced cruises.

Still, whoever is blessed with enough free time and an adventurous spirit may enjoy each year at least one of the not so many repositioning cruise ships.

Repositioning cruise – examples, benefits, disadvantages

  • Passenger ships sailing during the hot summer in Alaska relocate in Fall to the Caribbean Sea region through Panama Canal, or to Hawaii and then to Australia or Asia for their winter seasons.
  • Ships from Northern Europe sail to the Mediterranean Sea or cross the Atlantic Ocean to operate round-trip itineraries leaving from USA ports (Florida nad New York mostly) or to Caribbean for round-trips from Barbados or Puerto Rico.
  • Ships move from South America to Florida (for Caribbean) or Transatlantic to Europe (Baltic or Mediterranean) in early Spring.
  • Another exotic destination is Africa. Search for ships sailing along the Africa’s east coast. In Fall they will be departing from UK (Southampton, mostly) to Cape Town or Mombasa. In spring they will return (usually departing from Cape Town South Africa) to UK ot the Mediterranean.


  • They are cheap! The lower to absolutely cheapest price is the most important factor for the popularity of these special deals. The average cost of a repositioning cruise is up to 50 percent less compared to a typical round-trip sailing from the same port. And the best index is the “Price Per Person Per Day” – it could be as low as US $40!
  • All relocation cruises offer a full set of entertainment and dining options onboard – they are just like the regular ones. This is the perfect chance to sample all the stuff on board since you are going to spend so much time at sea. There are even more onboard activities while ships reposition! The list of the “bonuses” includes guest lecturers, top comedians and numerous specially themed activities and games to entertain guests.
  • And yes – the repositioning cruise ships are almost always not crowded.


  • Too much time aboard the ship instead of visiting different ports of call (sea intensive as opposed to port intensive). Some find it pretty boring.
  • Embarkation and disembarkation not in the same port increases the expenses as to additional flight fares added to the cruise ticket price.
  • Spending a lot of time aboard the ship might tempt you to enjoy more “money spending fun” by splurging on bar drinks and gambling in the casino.
  • The duration of relocation cruises – some last up to 18 days, and most people cannot afford so much time off work.
  • You may experience occasional “bumpy ride” due to rough waters (especially on smaller ships), and often “choppy weather” as your ship transits from one part of the globe to another. The “changing weather” issue will also has its impact on your cruise packing list, you know!

What time of year are the most cheap Repositioning Cruises?

Most of them are operated in Spring and Fall. Some exceptions are a few ship relocation itineraries in the end of August, and some very rare very late re-position sailings in December, January or February. The best and most busy months with readily available and cheap relocation cruise deals are April-May, and September-October.

What are the best Repositionig Cruises?

When it happens that you have to choose what is the best, there’s this rule number one stating “expect the best from the best”. When you book on major cruise line ships, expect cheap rates, best value for money indices, lots of vessels in the fleet to choose from, great destinations and Repositioning Cruises

The biggest lines and operators with regularly offered reposition sailings are Celebrity, Princess, Holland America, NCL Norwegian, Costa, MSC and Royal Caribbean. Recently, Carnival also decided to do a lot of ship transitions moving around several of the “Fun Ships” from one place to another. All these company decisions are made with economic considerations in mind. Lines do cruise ships repositioning to improve profits by departing from different ports or to more attractive destinations.

Some of these lines relocate ships each year crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and USA (Florida, New York, Boston) or South America (Brazil, Argentina). Some reposition ships between Alaska and Australia, or between Alaska and Florida ports via Panama Canal transits. Some lines offer transiting through the Suez Canal on cruise ships repositioning between Europe and Asia. So what you gotta do is choose a destination and departure port. If you are big fan of a particular line – just search its page here – it is that simple.

If you ask “the best of the best” not as best prices, but rather as experiences, the simple answer to this question is “luxury cruises”. Generally, luxury cruise deals offer smaller ship cruise travel marked by sophisticated, all inclusive, superb service experiences. The list of top luxury lines includes Crystal, Seabourn, Azamara and Oceania. The more “affordable luxury” options are on Cunard, Celebrity, Princess and Holland America lines. If you simply in love with budget travel deals, save a ton of money and book deals on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Costa, MSC – the cheapest of them all. Of course, the savings you can always spend on “ship drinks”, onboard gambling, Spa and massages and what not – the choice is always yours to make!

How much do repositioning cruises cost?

It depends on the itinerary as destination and length, but an one-way Transatlantic could cost as little as US $60 Per Person per day (double occupancy, fares inclusive of taxes and fees). You might pay 50% or even less for an one-way reposition cruise than the normal price for a round-trip with multiple ports of Repositioning Cruises

What adds to these low prices is your one-way return flight fare. Still, you may purchase a cheap fly-cruise package with the flight fare included in the total price and a convenient departure from major US ports to UK or the Mediterranean’s biggest port cities – Rome, Barcelona and Venice being among the cheapest end-points. The same goes with the Hawaii and Alaska.

Never forget that almost all relocation cruises are operated in low season, so to buy discount cheap cruise and stay packages is always a quite reasonable option. You’ll be able to enjoy a budget-friendly off-season vacation to not so crowded places in some of the most charming and colorful seasons – the always new lush-luxuriant Spring and the melancholic-romantic Fall.

Repositioning Cruises 2016-2017

Repositioning cruise ships and lines with transition cruises dealsOur website provides information on discounted one-way cruise itineraries and indicative cruise prices Per Person by line.

In the table below you will find all relocation cruises 2016 and 2017 sailings on all major cruise lines. You can see detailed itinerary information by following our lines-links (positioned at page right).

To see relocation cruises by line, season, destination or departure port (future project) – follow the respective links at top page right.

Cruise Line Ships Spring 2017 Summer Spring 2016 Summer Fall 2017 Winter Fall 2016 Winter
AIDA Cruises & TUI Cruises (Mein Schiff)
  • Mar 9 – 15day Suez Canal from Dubai to Limassol Cyprus
  • Apr 1 – 8day Mediterranean (from Antalya Turkey to Palma de Mallorca Spain)
  • Nov 5 – 9day Mediterranean (from Palma de Mallorca to Antalya Turkey)
  • Nov 14 – 15day Suez Canal from Antalya to Dubai
  • Mar 7 – 13day Asia (from Laem Chabang Thailand to Cochin India)
  • Mar 21 – 18day Suez Canal from Cochin India to Antalya Turkey)
  • Apr 9 – 8day Mediterranean (from Antalya to Venice)
  • Oct 30 – 10day Mediterranean (from Venice to Antalya)
  • Nov 9 – 18day Suez Canal from Antalya to Cochin India
  • Nov 28 – 13day Asia (from Cochin India to Laem Chabang Thailand)
  • Apr 16 – 8day Mediterranean (from Gran Canaria Canary Islands to Palma de Mallorca Spain)
  • Oct 31 – 12day Mediterranean (from Palma de Mallorca to Gran Canaria)
  • Jan 30 – 12day from Canary Islands to Germany (Gran Canaria to Hamburg)
  • Apr 18 – 12day Mediterranean (from Gran Canaria to Palma de Mallorca)
  • Jun 4 – 7day Mediterranean (from Palma de Mallorca to Gran Canaria)
  • Mar 27 – 19day Transatlantic from Caribbean to Europe (Bridgetown Barbados to Tenerife Canary Islands)
  • Apr 2 – 13day Transatlantic from La Romana Dominican Republic to Tenerife
  • Apr 15 – 13day from Mediterranean to Germany (Tenerife to Warnemunde / Rostock)
  • Aug 28 – 4day Warnemunde to Hamburg
  • Sept 1 – 17day Transatlantic from Europe to USA (Hamburg to NYC New York)
  • Oct 29 – 14day from USA to Caribbean (New York City to La Romana Dominican Rep)
  • Apr 9 – 16day Transatlantic from Caribbean to Europe (La Romana Dominican Rep to Kiel Germany)
  • Aug 24 – 16day Transatlantic from Europe to USA (Kiel Germany to New York City)
  • Oct 22 – 22day USA to Caribbea (New York City to Montego Bay Jamaica)
  • Feb 9 – 18day Transatlantic from Caribbean to Europe (La Romana Dominican Rep to Hamburg Germany)
  • Apr 30 – 7day Hamburg to Warnemunde / Rostock
  • Oct 15 – 17day Transatlantic from Europe to USA (Warnemunde Germany to New York City)
  • Nov 2 – 13day USA to Caribbean (New York to Santo Domingo Dominican Rep)
  • Mar 18 – 38day  Suez Canal from Dubai to Hamburg
  • May 1 – 13day from Canary Islands to Germany (Gran Canaria to Hamburg)
  • Oct 19 – 11day from Germany to Canary Islands (Hamburg to Gran Canaria)
  • Apr 8 – 21day Suez Canal from Dubai to Antalya Turkey
  • Oct 21 – 20day Suez Canal from Antalya Turkey to Dubai
  • Apr 7 – 20day Transatlantic from USA to Europe (Miami Florida to Hamburg Germany)
  • Oct 8 – 4day Kiel to Hamburg
  • Oct 12 – 17day from Transatlantic from Europe to USA (Hamburg to Miami)
Mein Schiff 1
  • Mar 22 – 14day Asia (from Singapore to Dubai)
  • Apr 6 – 17day Suez Canal from Dubai to Valletta Malta
  • Mar 23 – 14day Asia (from Singapore to Dubai)
  • Apr 7 – 15day Suez Canal (from Dubai to Antalya Turkey)
  • Apr 30 – 10day from Mediterranean to Germany (Palma de Mallorca to Bremerhaven)
  • Sept 11 – 13-day from Germany to Mediterranean (Hamburg to Palma de Mallorca Spain)
  • Oct 24 – 14day Suez Canal from Antalya Turkey to Dubai)
  • Nov 8 – 22day Asia (from Dubai to Singapore)
Mein Schiff 2
  • Apr 9 – 11day Mediterranean (from Gran Canaria to Palma de Mallorca)
  • Mar 21 – 15day Suez Canal from Dubai to Antalya Turkey
  • Apr 25 – 13day Mediterranean (from Antalya Turkey to Valletta Malta)
  • Nov 10 – 10day Mediterranean (from Palma de Mallorca to Gran Canaria Canary Islands)
Mein Schiff 3
  • Mar 27 – 15day Suez Canal from Dubai to Antalya Turkey
  • Apr 1 – 15day Transatlantic from Caribbean to Europe (La Romana Dominican Republic to Malaga Spain)
  • Sept 22 – 14day Mediterranean from Spain to Turkey (Palma de Mallorca to Antalya)
  • Nov 5 – 15day Suez Canal from Antalya Turkey to Dubai UAE
Mein Schiff 4
  • Mar 31 – 19day Transatlantic from Caribbean to Europe (La Romana Dominican Republic to Palma de Mallorca Spain)
  • Apr 3 – 16day Transatlantic from Jamaica (Montego Bay to Palma de Mallorca)
  • May 3 – 12day from Mediterranean to Germany (Palma de Mallorca to Hamburg)
  • May 15 – 6day Hamburg to Kiel
  • Sept 17 – 6day Kiel to Hamburg
  • Sept 23 – 12day from Germany to Mediterranean (Hamburg to Palma de Mallorca Spain)
  • Oct 27 – 15day Transatlantic from Europe to Caribbean (Palma de Mallorca to La Romana Dominican Republic)
Mein Schiff 5
  • Apr 7 – 17day Transatlantic from Caribbean to Europe (La Romana Dominican Republic to Palma de Mallorca Spain)
  • Apr 10 – 14day Transatlantic from Barbados (Bridgetown to Palma de Mallorca)
  • Sept 14 – 9day (Germany to Mediterranean) Bremerhaven to Palma de Mallorca
  • Nov 2 – 16day Transatlantic from Spain to Dominican Republic (Palma de Mallorca to La Romana)
Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Breeze
  • relocation Miami to Galveston TX (starting December 9)
Nov 27 – 11day Miami FL to Galveston TX
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Dream
Carnival Ecstasy Feb – relocation from Miami to Charleston
Carnival Elation relocation New Orleans to Jacksonville FL (starting April 23)

  • Apr 2 – 11day New Orleans to San Juan
  • Apr 13 – 10day San Juan to Florida /Jacksonville
Carnival Fantasy Feb – relocation from Charleston to Miami *Nov – relocation from Miami to Mobile Alabama
Carnival Fascination relocation from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico (San Juan departures starting April 24)

  • Apr 18 – 6day Jacksonville to San Juan
Oct 30 – 7day San Juan Puerto Rico to Miami Florida
Carnival Freedom
Carnival Glory Feb 2 – 11day San Juan to Miami
Carnival Imagination
Carnival Inspiration
Carnival Legend
  • Apr 19 – 11day Honolulu to Vancouver, BC
  • Apr 18 – 18day Sydney to Honolulu/Hawaii
  • May 5 – 11day Honolulu to Vancouver
  • Sep 12 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu
  • Sept 13 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu/Hawaii
  • Sept 23 – 17day Transpacific Honolulu to Sydney/Australia
Carnival Liberty relocation from San Juan Puerto Rico to Galveston TX (starting March 21)

  • Mar 6 – 11day San Juan to Galveston
Carnival Magic relocation from Galveston TX to Port Canaveral (starting December 9)
  • Nov 27 – 12day Galveston to Port Canaveral FL
Carnival Miracle
Carnival Paradise
Carnival Pride
  • 2017
  • Jan 2 – 13day Baltimore to Tampa
  • Feb 26 – 14dayTampa to Baltimore (follows an year-round 7-day cruise schedule from Baltimore MD, starting Mar 12)
Carnival Sensation
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Splendor
Carnival Sunshine
Carnival Triumph
  • Jan 16 – 11day Galveston to Puerto Rico
  • Jan 27 – 10day Puerto Rico to Galveston

relocation from Galveston to New Orleans (starting April 4)

Carnival Valor
Carnival Victory Feb – relocation from Miami to Port Canaveral
Nov – relocation from Port Canaveral to San Juan Puerto Rico
Oct 30 – 7day Port Canaveral to Puerto Rico
Carnival Vista
  • Oct 21 – 13d Transatlantic (Barcelona to NYC (with Bermuda)
  • Nov 16 – 11d NYC New York to Miami (with Caribbean)
Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Constellation Apr 17 – 15day Suez Canal (Abu Dhabi to Rome) Apr 2 – 13day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Rome) Nov 14 – 14day Suez Canal (Istanbul to Abu Dhabi)
Celebrity Eclipse Apr 17 – 13day Transatlantic (Miami to Southampton) Oct 29 – 15day Transatlantic (Southampton to Miami)
Celebrity Equinox Apr 15 – 14day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona) Oct 25 – 13day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale)
Celebrity Infinity
  • Mar 19 – 14day Panama Canal (Valparaiso to Miami)
  • Apr 2 – 15day Panama Canal (Miami to San Diego)
  • Apr 17 – 15day San Diego to Fort Lauderdale
  • Mar 13 – 14day Panama Canal (Valparaiso/Chile to Miami)
  • April 26 – 15day Panama Canal (Miami to San Diego CA)
  • May 11 – 11day San Diego to Vancouver
  • Sept 11 – 7day Vancouver to San Diego
  • Dec 09 – 15day Panama Canal Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso/Chile
Celebrity Millennium May 7 – 13day (Tokyo to Vancouver)
  • Mar 13 – 16day Asia to Australia (Singapore to Sydney)
  • Mar 29 – 18day Australia to Hawaii (Sydney to Honolulu)
  • Apr 15 – 11day Hawaii to Alaska (Honolulu to Vancouver)
Sept 2 – 16day Alaska (Vancouver to Yokohama/Japan)
Celebrity Reflection Apr 09 – 16day Transatlantic (Miami to Rome) Oct 21 – 15day Transatlantic (Rome to Miami)
Celebrity Silhouette Apr 10 – 13day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Southampton) Nov 05 – 15day Transatlantic (Rome to Fort Lauderdale)
Celebrity Solstice
  • Apr 20 – 17day Transpacific (Sydney to Honolulu)
  • May 7 – 10day (Honolulu to Vancouver)
  • Apr 9 – 18day Australia to Hawaii (Sydney to Honolulu)
  • Apr 26 – 10day Hawaii to Alaska (Honolulu to Vancouver)
  • May 6 – 7day Vancouver to Seattle
  • Sept 02 – 7day Alaska (Seattle to Vancouver)
  • Sept 09 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu
  • Sept 19 – 19day Transpacific (Honolulu to Sydney)
Celebrity Summit Apr 23 – 8day Puerto Rico to Cape Liberty/Bayonne NJ Oct 16 – 6day New York to Puerto Rico
Celebrity Xpedition
Costa Cruises
Costa Deliziosa
  • *Mar 18 – 18day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Savona); 19day to Naples; 22day to Venice
  • Mar 06 – 18day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Savona); 22day to Venice
  • *Nov 27 – 24day Transatlantic (Venice to Fort Lauderdale)
  • *Dec 2 – 19day Transatlantic (Savona to Fort Lauderdale)
Costa Diadema
Costa Fascinosa
  • *Feb 29 – 14day Transatlantic (Buenos Aires to Santa Cruz de Tenerife); 19day to Savona; 20day to Barcelona
  • *Mar 03 – 16day Transatlantic (Rio de Janeiro to Savona); 17day to Barcelona
Costa Favolosa *Apr 02 – 15day Transatlantic (Pointe-a-Pitre/Guadeloupe to Savona) *Dec 03 – 17day Transatlantic (Savona to Pointe-a-Pitre/Guadeloupe)
Costa Fortuna
Costa Luminosa
  • *Jan 06 – 39day Transatlantic (Savona to Valparaiso/Santiago Chile)
  • *Feb 15 – 26day Valparaiso to Sydney Australia
  • *Mar 14 – 39day Suez Canal (Sydney to Savona)
  • *Apr 23 – 13day Savona to Stockholm Sweden
  • *Aug 20 – 13day Stockholm to Savona
  • *Sept 02 – 28day Transatlantic (Savona to Los Angeles)
  • *Oct 01 – 38day Los Angeles to Singapore
  • *Nov 09 – 29day Suez Canal (Singapore to Savona)
Costa Magica *Mar 06 – 14day Transatlantic (Pointe-a-Pitre/Guadeloupe to Savona) *Nov 30 – 16day Transatlantic (Savona to Pointe-a-Pitre/Guadeloupe)
Costa Mediterranea Feb 29 – 21day Transatlantic (Buenos Aires to Barcelona)
Costa neoClassica
Costa neoRiviera *Mar 14 – 23day Suez Canal (Dubai to Venice) Mar 13 – 21day Suez Canal (Dubai to Venice) *Nov 28 – 21day Suez Canal (Venice to Dubai)
Costa neoRomantica *Mar 4 – 27day Suez Canal (Port Louis Mauritius to Savona Italy) *Mar 5 – 25day Suez Canal (Port Louis Mauritius to Savona Italy) *Dec 15 – 22day Suez Canal (Savona to Port Louis)
Costa Pacifica Mar 1 – 19day Transatlantic (Santos to Savona)
Costa Serena
Costa Victoria
Queen Elizabeth
  • *Jan 05 – 14day Transatlantic (Hamburg to Fort Lauderdale)
  • *Jan 05 – 12day Transatlantic (Southampton to Fort Lauderdale)
  • *Jan 19 – 21day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to Honolulu Hawaii)
  • *Feb 09 – 16day Honolulu to Sydney Australia
  • *Feb 26 – 25day Sydney to Shanghai China
  • *Mar 23 – 27day Shanghai to Cape Town South Africa
  • *Apr 20 18day Cape Town to Southampton UK
  • Jan 10 – 17day Southampton to Cape Town
  • Jan 27 – 25day Cape Town To Sydney
  • Feb 21 – 18day Sydney to Hong Kong
  • Apr 17 – 23day Suez Canal (Dubai to Southampton UK)
Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic crossings 2017

  • *New York City to Southampton (Jan 03)
  • *Southampton to New York (May 08)

*Southampton to Cape Town (Jan 10, 16day)

*Cape Town to Fremantle (Jan 27, 16day)

*Singapore to Southampton (Suez Canal, Apr 08, 30day)

(multiple Transatlantic crossings)

  • Southampton to New York (Jan 10, May 10, Jun 23, Jul 17, Aug 01), and New York to Southampton (Jan 3, May 17, Jul 6, Jul 24, Aug 9)
  • Jan 10 – 23day Southampton to Rio De Janeiro

Hamburg to New York (Jun 21, Jul 15, Aug 30), and New York to Hamburg (May 17, Jul 6, Aug 9)

(multiple Transatlantic crossings) (multiple Transatlantic crossings)

  • Southampton to New York (Sept 01, Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 03, Nov 19, Dec 15), and New York to Southampton (Sept 08, Oct 11, Oct 26, Nov 11, Dec 8)
Queen Victoria
  • *Jan 05 – 10day Transatlantic (Southampton to Fort Lauderdale Florida)
  • *Jan 16 – 18day Fort Lauderdale to Rio de Janeiro; 21day to Montevideo
  • *Feb 16 – 18day Valparaiso/Santiago to Auckland New Zealand; 22day to Sydney Australia
  • *Mar 13 – 15day Melbourne to Honolulu Hawaii
  • *Mar 28 – Honolulu to Fort Lauderdale
  • *Apr 21 – 14day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Southampton England)
  • Jan 10 – 12day Transatlantic Southampton to Florida (Fort Lauderdale
  • Jan 22 – 16day Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco
  • Feb 07 – 21day California (San Francisco) to Sydney
  • Mar 08 – 21day Sydney to Hong Kong
  • Mar 29 – 24day Hong Kong to Cape Town
  • Apr 22 – 18day Cape Town to Southampton
  • May 22 – 9day Transatlantic (Southampton to New York)
  • May 31 – 9day Transatlantic (New York to Southampton)
  • June 23 – 9day Southampton to Rome
Nov 5 – 10day Rome to Southampton
Disney Cruise Lines
Disney Dream
Disney Fantasy
Disney Magic
  • May 15 – 14day Transatlantic (Port Canaveral to Dover)
  • *Sept 17 – 11day Transatlantic (Barcelona to NYC New York)
Disney Wonder
  • Jan 20 – 6day Galveston to San Juan Puerto Rico
  • Jan 26 – 3day San Juan Puerto Rico to Port Canaveral
  • Jan 04 – 6day Galveston to Puerto Rico (San Juan)
  • Feb 07 – 5day San Juan to Miami
  • May 1 – 14day Panama Canal (Miami to San Diego)
  • May 18 – 5day San Diego to Vancouver
Fred Olsen
ms Braemar Mar 03 – 15day Transatlantic (Barbados to UK/Southampton) (2015) Dec 23 – 15day Transatlantic (Tenerife to Barbados)
ms Black Watch
Holland America
  • *Jan 04 – 22day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to Honolulu Hawaii)
  • *Jan 26 – 17day Honolulu to Osaka
  • *Feb 13 – 49day Suez Canal (Osaka Japan to Istanbul)
  • *Apr 04 – 21day Transatlantic (Istanbul to Fort Lauderdale)
  • Jan 05 – 36day Fort Lauderdale to Sydney
  • Feb 11 – 21day from Sydney to Hong Kong
  • Mar 03 – 25day Hong Kong to Dubai
  • Mar 28 – 33day Dubai to Florida
  • Apr 30 – 16day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to San Diego)
  • *Dec 21 – 14day Panama Canal (San Diego to Fort Lauderdale)
Eurodam Apr 08 – 16day Panama Canal Fort Lauderdale to San Diego Mar 27 – 14day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale FL to Barcelona) Nov 04 – 15day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale)
  • Oct 12 – 28day Transatlantic (Rome to Fort Lauderdale /with Mediterranean)
  • Oct 24 – 16day Transatlantic (Rome to Ft Lauderdale)
  • *Jan 29 – 24day Auckland new Zealand to San Diego CA
  • *Apr 26 – 19day Panama Canal (San Diego to Fort Lauderdale)
  • Jan 14 – 24day Fort Lauderdale to Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
  • Feb 07 – 23day Rio de Janeiro to Fort Lauderdale
  • May 03 – 15day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to San Diego); 19day to Vancouver; 20day to Seattle
  • *Sept 26 – 24day
    Alaska to Australia (Seattle WA to Sydney)
Nieuw Amsterdam *Apr 09 – 16day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to San Diego); 20day to Vancouver Apr 10 – 15day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to San Diego); 19day to Seattle *Oct 04 – 19day Panama Canal (Vancouver BC to Fort Lauderdale Florida)
  • *Apr 08 – 15day South Pacific (Sydney to Honolulu)
  • *Apr 23 – 7day Honolulu to Vancouver Canada
Apr 08 – 23day South Pacific (Sydney to Vancouver)
  • *Sept 25 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu
  • *Oct 05 – 19day South Pacific (Honolulu to Sydney Australia)
Oosterdam *Mar 21 – 13day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Rome) *Nov 03 – 15day Transatlantic (Rome to Tampa FL)
  • *Mar 11 – 22day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Rome)
  • *Apr 22 – 13day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale)
  • Mar 11 – 19day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Athens); 22day to Barcelona
  • Apr 20 – 15day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale)
  • May 19 – 14day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Ijmuiden)
  • Sept 06 – 14day Baltic to Mediterranean (IJmuiden to Barcelona)
  • Nov 03 – 17day Transatlantic (Rome to Fort Lauderdale)
  • Jan 07 – 41day Rotterdam to Singapore
  • Jan 08 – 40day Southampton to Singapore
  • Mar 04 – 33day Singapore to Southampton
  • Mar 04 – 34day Singapore to Rotterdam
  • Jul 02 – 18day Transatlantic (Rotterdam to Boston)
  • Jul 20 – 18day Transatlantic (Boston to Rotterdam)
  • Aug 7 – 17day Transatlantic (Rotterdam to Boston)
  • *Oct 28 – 17day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Rome)
  • *Nov 14 – 25day Transatlantic (Rome to Fort Lauderdale)
  • *Feb 02 – 24day Fort Lauderdale to Rio de Janeiro)
  • *Feb 26 – 22day Rio de Janeiro to Fort Lauderdale
  • Jan 03 – 14day Panama Canal (San Diego to Tampa)
  • Apr 24 – 13day Florida to Canada (Tampa to Montreal)
  • (2015) Dec 27 – 21day San Diego to Tampa Florida
Oct 08 – 13day Montreal, Quebec to Fort Lauderdale
Volendam *Apr 25 – 15day Asia to Alaska (Tokyo to Vancouver Canada) Apr 16 – 17day Asia to Alaska (Tokyo to Vancouver)
*Sept 28 – 15day Alaska to Asia (Vancouver to Tokyo Japan)
Westerdam *Mar 11 – 17day Panama Canal (San Diego to Fort Lauderdale) Mar 12 – 21day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to San Diego)
Zaandam Apr 03 – 20day Panama Canal (Valparaiso to San Diego) *Oct 02 – 23day Panama Canal (San Diego to Valparaiso Chile)
  • Apr 18 – 17day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen)
  • Aug 21 – 17day Transatlantic (Copenhagen to NYC)
Oct 07 – 12day Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale
MSC Cruises
MSC Armonia
  • Mar 14 – 16day Transatlantic (Santos/Sao Paulo to Valencia)
  • Mar 14 – 17day Transatlantic (Santos to Palma De Mallorca), 19day to Genoa
  • Mar 17 – 13day Transatlantic(Salvador De Bahia to Valencia)
MSC Divina Apr 01 – 21day Transatlantic Miami to Rome
MSC Fantasia Mar 26 – 17day (Dubai to Genoa)
MSC Lirica Mar 20 – 21day Transatlantic (Santos/Sao Paulo to Genoa) Mar 03 – 19day Transatlantic (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil to Genoa) Oct 28 – 21day Transatlantic (Venice to Santos/Sao Paulo)
MSC Magnifica Mar 06 – 18day Transatlantic (Brazil/Santos to Venice)
MSC Musica Apr 02 – 20day Transatlantic (Santos/Sao Paulo to Venice) Apr 02 – 15day Dubai to Venice
Nov 29 – 19day Transatlantic (Venice to Santos/Sao Paulo)
MSC Opera
  • Mar 13 – 20day Transatlantic (Rio De Janeiro to Genoa)
  • (changes) Apr 12 – Transatlantic Havana, Cuba, to Warnemunde / Rostock
  • Mar 12 – 9day Gran Canaria to Genoa
  • Apr 26 – 10day (Genoa to Copenhagen)
  • Sept 14 – 14day (Copenhagen to Genoa)
  • Nov 13 – 20day Transatlantic (Genoa to Rio De Janeiro)
MSC Orchestra Mar 10 – 21day Transatlantic (Buenos Aires to Venice)
  • Apr 02 – 17day Transatlantic Fort de France to Genoa
  • Apr 03 – 15day Pointe A Pitre to Marseille
MSC Poesia Mar 18 – 13day Transatlantic (Fort de France to Marseille); 14day Fort de France to Genoa Mar 27 – 20day Transatlantic (Buenos Aires to Genoa) Nov 20 – 20day Transatlantic (Genoa to Fort de France); 21day from Genoa to Pointe A Pitre
MSC Preziosa Mar 14 – 19day Transatlantic(Santos/Sao Paulo to Genoa) Nov 19 – 18day Transatlantic (Genoa to Santos/Sao Paulo)
MSC Seaside
MSC Sinfonia May 06 – 22day South Africa/Cape Town to Venice
MSC Splendida Apr 07 – 20day Transatlantic Brazil/Santos to Hamburg
NCL Norwegian Cruise Lines
Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Dawn Oct 28 – 14day Boston to New Orleans
Norwegian Epic *Apr 01 – 13day Transatlantic (Port Canaveral to Barcelona)
Norwegian Escape
Norwegian Gem
  • Oct 15 – 8day New York City to Puerto Rico
  • *Dec 11 – 8day Puerto Rico to New York City
Norwegian Getaway
Norwegian Jade Apr 16 – 16day Transatlantic (Houston to Barcelona/Spain) Oct 29 – 16day Transatlantic (Barcelona/Spain to Houston)
Norwegian Jewel
  • May 01 – 5day Alaska (Los Angeles to Vancouver)
  • May 06 – 1day Alaska (Vancouver to Seattle)
  • Sept 17 – 10day Alaska (Seattle to Vancouver)
  • Sept 27 – 5day Alaska (Vancouver to Los Angeles)
Norwegian Pearl
  • Apr 14 – 16day Panama Canal (Miami to Los Angeles)
  • Apr 30 – 5day Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • May 05 – 10day Vancouver to Seattle
  • Sept 25 – 1day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 26 – 5day Vancouver to Los Angeles
  • Oct 05 – 15day Panama Canal Los Angeles to Miami
Norwegian Sky
Norwegian Spirit Apr 23 – 14day Transatlantic (Port Canaveral to Barcelona) Nov 17 – 16day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Port Canaveral)
Norwegian Star *Mar 27 – 19day Suez Canal (Dubai to Venice) Apr 17 – 14day Transatlantic (Tampa to Copenhagen)
  • *Sept 28 – 14day Copenhagen Denmark to Barcelona
  • *Oct 12 – 10day Barcelona to Istanbul Turkey
  • *Oct 31 – 19day Suez Canal (Istanbul to Dubai)
Norwegian Sun *Apr 25 – 20day South America (Valparaiso/Chile to San Francisco) Apr 9 – 20day South America (Valparaiso/Chile to San Francisco)
  • Sept 26 – 4day Alaska (Vancouver to San Diego)
  • Nov 02 – 17day South America (San Diego to Valparaiso)
Adonia Mar 18 – 21day Transatlantic (Barbados to Southampton)
  • *Jan 26 – 48day San Francisco to Hong Kong
  • *Mar 15 – 21day Hong Kong to Dubai
  • *Mar 25 – 33day Suez Canal (Singapore to Southampton)
World Cruise 2016 segments

  • *Mar 22 – 20day China to USA (Tianjin to San Francisco)
  • *Apr 12 – 23day Panama Canal and Transatlantic (San Francisco to Southampton)
Aurora *Mar 28 – 25day Panama Canal and Transatlantic (San Francisco to Southampton) World Cruise 2016 segments
Azura *Mar 18 – 13day Transatlantic (Barbados to Southampton) Mar 18 – 14day Transatlantic (Barbados to Southampton) *Oct 28 – 14day Transatlantic (Southampton to Barbados)
Britannia Mar 11 – 14day Transatlantic (Barbados to Southampton)
P&O Australia
Pacific Aria
  • Apr 12 – 2day Brisbane to Sydney
  • Jun 17 – 2day Sydney to Brisbane
Pacific Dawn
Pacific Eden
  • Feb 14 – 2day Sydney to Melbourne
  • Mar 19 – 2day Melbourne to Adelaide
  • Apr 8 – 6day Adelaide to Fremantle/Perth
  • Jul 18 – 12day Australia to Asia (Fremantle to Singapore)
  • Aug 27 – 14day Asia to Australia (Singapore to Caims)
  • Nov 11 – 3day Caims to Brisbane
Pacific Jewel *Feb 06 – 2day Melbourne to Sydney Feb 13 – 2day Melbourne to Sydney
*Dec 01 – 2day Sydney to Melbourne
Pacific Pearl
  • *Jan 30 – 4day Sydney to Auckland New Zealand
  • *Jun 22 – 4day Auckland to Sydney
  • Jan 31 – 4day Sydney to Auckland
  • Jun 23 – 4day Auckland to Sydney
Princess Cruises
Caribbean Princess
  • Apr 17 – 21day Transatlantic (Houston TX to Southampton)
  • Apr 20 – 18day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale FL to Southampton)
Sept 05 – 17day Transatlantic (Southampton to New York)
Coral Princess
  • *Apr 17 – 15day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles)
  • *May 02 – 4day Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • Apr 25 – 19day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver)
  • May 10 – 4day (Los Angeles to Vancouver)
  • *Sept 17 – 7day Vancouver to Los Angeles
  • *Sept 24 – 15day Panama Canal (Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale)
Crown Princess
  • *Feb 15 – 13day Valparaiso to Buenos Aires
  • *Mar 01 – 18day Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale
  • Apr 30 – 6day Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • May 20 – 1day cruise Vancouver to Seattle
  • Sept 17 – 1day cruise Seattle to Vancouver
  • *Sept 18 – 7day Vancouver to Los Angeles
  • *Dec 04 – 17day Los Angeles to Valparaiso
Dawn Princess
  • May 14 – 12day Fremantle to Singapore
  • Jul 05 – 12day Fremantle/Australia to Singapore
  • Jul 17 – 14day Singapore to Fremantle
  • Aug 15 – 12day Fremantle to Singapore
  • Aug 27 – 14day Singapore to Fremantle
Diamond Princess *Apr 06 – 14day Singapore to Tokyo
  • Mar 23 – 19day Sydney to Singapore
  • Mar 30 – 12day Fremantle to Singapore
  • Apr 11 – 14day Singapore to Tokyo
*Oct 09 – 17day Tokyo to Singapore
Emerald Princess Apr 12 – 29day Hawaii, Tahiti, South Pacific (Sydney to Los Angeles); 32day plus Vancouver Apr 02 – 14day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Southampton)
  • Sept 28 – 30day Southampton to Singapore
  • Oct 28 – 18day Singapore to Sydney
Golden Princess
Grand Princess
Island Princess *Apr 19 – 21day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver)
  • Apr 23 – 18day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver)
  • May 8 – 3day Los Angeles to Vancouver
*Sept 14 – 18day Panama Canal (Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale)
Ocean Princess
  • *Jan 3 – 17day Miami to Rio De Janeiro
  • *Feb 13 – 23day Panama Canal (Valparaiso to Miami)
Pacific Princess
  • *Jan 03 – 17day Panama Canal (Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles)
  • *Jan 20 – 23day Los Angeles to Sydney
  • *Mar 20 – 17day Suez Canal (Dubai to Venice)
  • *Apr 07 – 18day Transatlantic (Venice to Fort Lauderdale)
  • Apr 24 – 17day Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles
  • May 11 – 17day Panama Canal (LA to Ft. Lauderdale)
  • May 28 – 18day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Dover)
  • May 31 – 15day Transatlantic (New York to Dover)
Dec 03 – 17day Transatlantic (Rome to Fort Lauderdale)
Regal Princess Apr 17 – 14day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen)
  • Sept 10 – 14day Transatlantic (Copenhagen to New York)
  • *Oct 27 –  10day New York City to Fort Lauderdale
Royal Princess Apr 22 – 15day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona) Oct 01 – 16day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale)
Ruby Princess *Apr 29 – 6day Alaska (Los Angeles to Vancouver)
  • May 3 – 4day Alaska (Los Angeles to Vancouver)
  • May 7 – 1day Vancouver to Seattle
  • Sept 18 – 1day Seattle to Vancouver
  • *Sept 19 – 5day Alaska (Vancouver to Los Angeles)
Sapphire Princess
Sea Princess
  • *Jan 11 – 41day Sydney to Rio de Janeiro
  • *Feb 21 – 42day Rio de Janeiro to Sydney
  • *May 20 – 19day Sydney to Dubai
  • *Jun 08 – 32day Suez Canal (Dubai to Dover)
  • *Jul 10 – 17day Transatlantic Dover to New York City
  • *Jul 27 – 36day New York City to Sydney
  • May 15 – 20day Sydney to Dubai
  • Jun 04 – 35day Suez Canal (Dubai to Dover)
  • Jul 09 – 11day Transatlantic Dover to New York City
  • Jul 20 – 38day New York City to Sydney
Star Princess *Apr 07 – 4day Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • Mar 14 – 17day Valparaiso to Los Angeles
  • Mar 31 – 4day Los Angeles to Vancouver
*Oct 19 – 7day Vancouver to Los Angeles
Sun Princess
  • Jun 21 – 30day Sydney to Yokohama
  • Jul 21 – 20day Yokohama to San Francisco
  • Aug 09 – 25day San Francisco to Sydney
Royal Caribbean
Adventure Of The Seas
Allure Of The Seas
Anthem Of The Seas
Brilliance Of The Seas Apr 26 – 14day Transatlantic (Tampa FL to Barcelona) Oct 17 – 14day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Tampa)
Empress Of The Seas April – Transatlantic (Europe to Miami Florida)
Enchantment Of The Seas
Explorer Of The Seas *Apr 22 – 23day Sydney to Seattle Apr 28 – 11day Australia-Asia (Fremantle to Singapore) *Oct 08 – 25day Seattle to Sydney
Freedom Of The Seas
Grandeur Of The Seas
Harmony Of The Seas
  • May 29 – 7day UK to Mediterranean (Southampton to Barcelona)
  • Oct 23 – 13day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale Florida)
Independence Of The Seas May 01 – 13day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Southampton) Oct 30 – 15day Transatlantic (Southampton to Fort Lauderdale)
Jewel Of The Seas Apr 28 – 15day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Rome) Nov 06 – 12day Transatlantic (Rome to Puerto Rico)
Legend Of The Seas *Apr 09 – 18day Brisbane to Hong Kong Apr 20 – 18day Brisbane to Hong Kong *Oct 19 – 18day Hong Kong to Brisbane
Liberty Of The Seas
Majesty Of The Seas -leaving the RCI fleet
Mariner Of The Seas Mar 04 – 9day Singapore to Shanghai
Navigator Of The Seas May 08 – 13day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Southampton) Nov 10 – 13day Transatlantic (Southampton to Miami)
Oasis Of The Seas
Ovation Of The Seas
  • May 3 – 53day Suez Canal (Southampton to Beijing)
  • May 10 – 17day Suez Canal (Barcelona to Dubai)
  • May 26 – 15day Dubai to Singapore
  • June 12 – 13day Singapore to Beijing
Quantum Of The Seas
Radiance Of The Seas
  • *Apr 18 – 17day Sydney to Honolulu
  • *May 05 – 12day Honolulu to Vancouver
  • Apr 3 – 17day Sydney to Honolulu
  • Apr 20 – 11day Honolulu to Vancouver
  • *Sept 09 – 11day Vancouver to Honolulu
  • *Sept 20 – 19day Honolulu to Sydney
Rhapsody Of The Seas *Apr 29 – 16day Transatlantic Tampa to Rome Apr 10 – 14day Transatlantic (Santos/Brazil to Barcelona), Barcelona to Rome Oct 27 – 14day Transatlantic (Rome to Port Canaveral FL)
Serenade Of The Seas Apr 29 – 16day Transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen)
  • Aug 28 – 16day Transatlantic (Copenhagen to Boston)
  • Oct 30 – 12day Boston to Fort Lauderdale
Splendour Of The Seas
  • Apr 4 – 16day Suez Canal (Dubai to Venice)
  • leaving the RCI fleet
Vision Of The Seas *Apr 03 – 16day Suez Canal (Dubai to Venice) Apr 16 – 14day Transatlantic (Tampa to Barcelona) Nov 26 – 16day Suez Canal (Venice to Dubai)
Voyager Of The Seas *Apr 19 – 14day Australia to Asia (Sydney to Singapore) Apr 16 – 14day Australia to Asia (Sydney to Singapore) *Oct 18 – 14day Singapore to Sydney
Thomson Cruises UK
Thomson Celebration Apr 10 – 18day Transatlantic (Barbados to Malaga/Spain)
Thomson Discovery entering service
Thomson Dream Apr 12 – 18day Transatlantic (Montego Bay/Jamaica to Palma De Mallorca) Transatlantic from Canary Islands to Caribbean (Montego Bay/Jamaica)
Thomson Majesty
Thomson Spirit

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