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NCL Norwegian Cruise Line Repositioning Cruises 2014 Ships Relocation

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Compare here all NCL Norwegian repositioning cruises 2014 Spring and Fall deals as prices, dates and itinerary. This is data on only one-way NCL repositioning cruises, which as deals belong to the following categories:

NCL Norwegian Cruise Line Repositioning Cruises

NCL Norwegian repositioning cruisesSpring and Fall. NCL repositioning cruises are specials offered each year as low-season discount deals. Their best feature are the most cheap prices on exclusively one-way itinerary deals operated virtually always during the Spring and Fall months. Our information sources are the line’s official website and the NCL cruise ships schedules at

These are some hints and tips on booking your NCL relocation cruise deals:

NCL Norwegian Repositioning Cruise Deals Prices

NCL Norwegian Cruise Lines repositioning cruise deals

Besides the above described specials, the most unique NCL ships relocation deals are on the newest Norwegian cruise ships – Breakaway (2013) and Getaway (2014). Since most of the new cruise ships are built in European shipyards, they also offer Transatlantic repositioning cruise crossing from Europe to USA. These are truly one-time-only offers – the Inaugural Transatlantic specials – so do not hesitate to book right now your most memorable NCL voyages ever!

Why to book Norwegian repositioning cruise deals? For one, it’s a most cheap vacation travel option. For two, it’s a rarely special opportunity to be on board some of the world’s most famous big cruise ships of our times. For three, these are low-season discounted deals on unique itineraries at the NCL’s lowest rates possible – not to be missed!

In this survey we also show you prices on all Know that all Norwegian repositioning cruises. Know that all prices below (although regularly updated) are only suggestive, and subject to change. These are the NCL rates on the ship’s lowest category cabins (usually Inside), Per Person, in USD (double occupancy rates).

NCL Norwegian Repositioning Cruises 2014 Spring-Fall NCL ships relocation (one way itineraries)

NCL Norwegian Dawn repositioning – Canada, Tampa, Boston, New Orleans

NCL largest ship Norwegian Epic Transatlantic repositioning  cruise from Miami, Florida to Europe/Mediterranean

Spring 2014 Transatlantic from Miami to Mediterranean

Fall 2014 Transatlantic from Mediterranean to Florida

The newest of NCL ships Norwegian Getaway 2014 Transatlantic repositioning from Europe to USA

NCL Norwegian Jewel Alaska repositioning – Panama Canal, Seattle-Vancouver

Spring 2014 Panama Canal from New Orleans to Alaska (Seattle-Vancouver)

Fall 2014 repositioning from Alaska to Houston Texas

NCL Norwegian Pearl Alaska repositioning (Panama Canal, Seattle-Vancouver-Seattle)

Spring 2014 to Alaska from Florida and Los Angeles

Fall 2014 - from Alaska to Florida

NCL Norwegian Star Transatlantic repositioning to and from Europe (UK and Denmark)

Spring 2014

Fall 2014

NCL Norwegian Sun Alaska repositioning – Panama Canal from Florida to Vancouver Canada

Spring 2014 to Alaska from Florida

Fall 2014

Best of luck booking your most cheap NCL Norwegian repositioning cruises deals in 2014! Enjoy the NCL’s most budget-friendly vacation prices, and always happy sailings with the Norwegian cruise lines!

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