Disney “Repositioning Cruises” 2023 and 2024 Disney ships with one-way itineraries (Spring and Fall ship relocation deals) belong to the following categories:

DCL-Disney Cruise Line Repositioning

Disney Reposition Cruises COMDisney relocation cruise deals are very limited due to the line’s small fleet (only 4 Disney ships) and also because of their mostly Bahamian itineraries. The list of Disney ships with relocation cruise deals includes (for now) only the ships Magic and Wonder.

Disney Magic offers seasonal Transatlantic cruise crossings from Florida to Europe (in Spring) and the reverse from Europe to Florida in Fall. The Disney Wonder ship offers seasonal Alaska repositioning cruise deals with Panama Canal crossing. You can call these “transition cruises” since they pass through Panama Canal on one-way itineraries. Disney Wonder reposition cruise deals are also for Spring and Fall sailings only – between Texas (Florida) and California and Alaska.

So, just like all other lines similar specials from this group of voyages, Disney repositioning cruise deals as itineraries and rates offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the lowest prices on Disney cruises to and from Alaska. The Disney Transatlantic deals are your chance to enjoy many sea days with only a few call ports – which means fewer port charges, and a much cheaper Disney cruise vacation.

Disney Repositioning Cruise Deals Prices

Spring and Fall Disney repositioning cruises are the most exclusive option for a really cheap Disney cruise travel vacation with affordable fares and discount cheap family packages.

All Disney ship relocation specials feature one-way itineraries, minimum ports of call, less crowded public spaces. And besides the lower price due to fewer port charges, these are also budget-friendly Disney vacations because of the reduced spending on onshore excursions. Our information sources – the official website DisneyCruise.Disney.go.com and the DCL itineraries at CruiseMapper.com

Widely renowned for its themed entertainment, the “best cruise line for kids” already has its best Spring and Fall specials waiting to be booked right now. Don’t hesitate to ask about available deals on Disney “land and cruise” packages also available in the early Spring and Fall times each year.

Disney repositioning cruise deals

All Disney Repositioning cruise prices here are Per Person (in USD, double occupancy). These are suggestive rates on the cheapest category cabins (usually on Interior cabins). Our Disney ships relocation prices are updated regularly, but you know the rule – prices are always subject to change.

Repositioning Cruises 2023-2024 Disney ships relocation

Follows the complete list of Disney cruise ships’ one-way relocation itineraries with ports of call (dates of arrival and departure) and prices PP.

Disney Dream – Transatlantic

  • 2023 May 7 – 13-day Transatlantic from Miami to Barcelona, visiting Ponta Delgada (14), Lisbon (16), Cadiz (17), Malaga (18), Cartagena (19)
  • 2023 July 15 – 7-day from Barcelona to Southampton, visiting Cadiz (17), Lisbon (18), Vigo (19), Le Havre (Paris, 21)
  • 2023 September 17 – 11-day Transatlantic from Southampton to New York City, visiting Vigo (19), Lisbon (20), Kings Wharf (26)
  • 2023 November 4 – 6-day from New York City to San Juan, visiting Kings Wharf (6), Tortola (9)
  • 2023 November 17 – 3-day from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale, visiting Castaway Cay (19)
  • 2024 May 5 – 13-day Transatlantic from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona, visiting Ponta Delgada (12), Lisbon (14), Cadiz (15), Cartagena (16), Valencia (17)
  • 2024 July 17 – 7-day from Barcelona to Southampton, visiting Valencia (18), Lisbon (20), Vigo (21), La Coruna (22).

Disney Magic – Panama Canal

  • Starting May 5, 2023, the ship offers roundtrip departures from homeport San Juan.
  • 2023 May 20 – 4-day from San Juan to Miami, visiting St Thomas (21), Castaway Cay (23)
  • 2023 October 5 – 14-day from Miami to San Diego, visiting Cozumel (7), George Town (8), Cartagena (10), Panama Canal (11), Puerto Vallarta (16), Cabo San Lucas (17)
  • 2023 December 3 – 14-day Panama Canal from San Diego to Galveston, visiting Cabo San Lucas (5), Puerto Vallarta (6), Panama Canal (11), Cartagena (12), George Town (14), Cozumel (15)
  • 2024 April 14 – 6-day from Galveston to San Juan, visiting Cozumel (16), George Town (17), Falmouth (18).

Disney Wonder – Alaska-California/Alaska-Australia via Hawaii

  • 2023 May 11 – 4-day Alaska from San Diego to Vancouver, visiting Victoria BC (14).
  • 2023 October 3 – 10-day Alaska to Hawaii (Vancouver to Honolulu) via Hilo, Nawiliwili, Kahului
  • 2023 October 13 – 13-day Transpacific from Hawaii to Australia (Honolulu to Sydney) via American Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia
  • 2024 February 16 – 15-day Transpacific from Australia to Hawaii (Sydney to Honolulu), visiting Noumea (19), Lautoka (21), Pago Pago (23), Kahului (Maui, 29).
  • 2024 March 1 – 10-day from Honolulu (Oahu) to Vancouver, visiting Kahului (Maui, Mar 2), Hilo (3), Nawiliwili (Kauai, 4&5)
  • 2024 March 11 – 4-day from Vancouver to San Diego
  • 2024 May 9 – 4-day from San Diego to Vancouver, visiting Victoria (12).

Note: In winter 2023-2024 (Oct-Feb) Disney Wonder is deployed in Australia and New Zealand (DCl’s first season in the South Pacific region) for a total of 32x itineraries leaving from 4x different homeports – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, as well as Auckland NZ. The first departure is currently scheduled for October 28, 2023, from Sydney NSW.

Disney Fantasy and Disney Wish

Relocation voyages on the Disney ships Fantasy and Wish are not available in 2023 and 2024. Both are sailing from Port Canaveral/Orlando Florida USA.

Enjoy your always uniquely special but this time also uniquely cheap Disney repositioning cruise one-way specials! Good luck with your Disney relocation cruise deals on the Mickey Mouse ships, and always happy Disney vacations – no matter the damn prices!