Repositioning Cruises Fall

See our selection of cheap “Repositioning Cruises” Fall 2021-2022 with one-way ship relocation itineraries in September, October and November. Fall repositioning cruise deals as destinations offer cheap ship travel vacations from Alaska to California (USA West Coast), also to Hawaii and Australia. Alaska to Florida through Panama Canal transitions are also popular as routes in Fall each year.

Another group of itineraries offers cheap one-way Transatlantic cruise deals in Fall on Atlantic Ocean crossings from Europe to USA (departures from UK, Baltic and the Mediterranean). The list of US ports for disembarkation features Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa (in Florida), also New Orleans in Louisiana, Houston and Galveston in Texas, and NYC New York. Transatlantic crossings on ships may also be offered as one-way cruises from Europe to South America or to Caribbean (ending in Puerto Rico, Barbados, Guadeloupe, etc). During Fall you can also find North Atlantic cruises departing from UK to Canada/New England. Crossing routes often include stops in Iceland and Greenland.

Fall Repositioning Cruises- ships, lines, cheap prices

Repositioning Cruises Fall ships with relocation cruise deals

All relocation cruises Fall 2019-2020 as deals are marked by exciting (often long) itineraries, unique ports of call and all the time in the world to enjoy a full of fun journey. This is your very best once-a-season opportunity to be a world traveler at the best possible cruise travel prices!

Cheap low season deals and land vacation package extensions, hugely discounted fly-cruise and stay deals just add more to the whole “cheap vacation” experience. Not to forget that these are your best chances to enjoy the cheapest prices on top luxury cruises on all inclusive ships relocating to warmer destinations in Fall each year.

Fall Repositioning Cruises – itineraries (classification by destination)

  • repositioning ships from Alaska to Hawaii and Australia.
  • repositioning from Seattle to Vancouver
  • repositioning from Vancouver to Hawaii-Australia – one way cruise from Vancouver to Honolulu and Sydney, Vancouver to California ports (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego). The longest itineraries are with Panama Canal transition from Vancouver to Florida ports (Fort Lauderdale mostly).Fall Repositioning cruises in September
  • Fall Transatlantic repositioning ships on cruises from Europe to USA, South America. Also operated are cruises from UK to Caribbean, one-way North Atlantic cruises from UK to New England (with a short “Fall Foliage” sail program) and UK to NYC (often visiting Norway Fjords ports, Iceland and Greenland).
  • Suez Canal transition with cruises from Europe to Asia (Dubai, India, Singapore, China, even to Japan), and cruises from Europe to Australia (visiting Southeast Asia ports).

    Fall Repositioning cruises in October

  • Panama Canal transits with cruises from Alaska to Florida through California. They usually leave from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and some ships cruise from Los Angeles to New York.
  • East Coast one-way itineraries from Canada New England to Florida.
  • For our classification by line and ship see the shipping lines links at page right.
  • For our classification by sailing dates/departures just follow the line-links. They list all repositioning ships in the fleet with one-way relocation cruise itineraries in late Summer and Fall months each year. The information you’ll find includes detailed itinerary/route and indicative prices Per Person (based on double occupancy).

    Fall Repositioning cruises in November

  • At the following link you can read what Wikipedia has to say on the subject of Autumn.
  • To see detailed itineraries and to compare cruise prices PP (suggestive rates), follow the line-links from the table or from our list at top page right.

Repositioning Cruises Fall 2021-2022 ships relocation

Cruise lines/ships Fall 2021-2022 Winter
AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises (Mein Schiff)

2021 Nov 4 – 25day Transatlantic (Bremerhaven to Cape Town)


2021 Sept 30 – 13day Kiel to Palma De Mallorca

2021 Oct 13 – 19day Suez Canal (Palma De Mallorca to Dubai)

2021 Nov 1 – 21day Dubai to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)

2021 Nov 1 – 21day Dubai to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)

AIDAblu 2021 Mar 9 – 17day Suez Canal (Mahe to Iraklion)

2021 Oct 24 – 12day Venice to Iraklion

2021 Nov 5 – 18day Suez Canal (Iraklion to Mahe, Seychelles)


2021 Oct 8 – 15day Suez Canal (Iraklion to Dubai)

2021 Oct 23 – 15day Dubai to Singapore

AIDAcosma (new ship 2021) 2021 Oct 23 – 13day Kiel to Palma De Mallorca

2021 Nov 6 – 20day Suez Canal (Palma De Mallorca to Dubai)


2021 Oct 26 – 18day Transatlantic (Warnemunde to La Romana)

AIDAluna 2021 Oct 18 – 19day Transatlantic (Kiel to La Romana)
AIDAmira ((former Costa neoRiviera)  

2021 Oct 19 – 7day Corfu to Palma De Mallorca

2021 Nov 16 – 20day Palma De Mallorca to Cape Town

AIDAnova 2021 Oct 30 – 7day Palma De Mallorca to Gran Canaria

2021 Oct 15 – 10day Hamburg to Tenerife


2021 Nov 27 – 13day Hamburg to Barcelona


2021 Sept 25 – 7day Warnemunde to Hamburg

Mein Schiff 1 2021 Sept 10 – 14day Transatlantic (Hamburg to New York City)
Mein Schiff 2
Mein Schiff 3  

2021 Sept 16 – 11day Bremerhaven to Palma De Mallorca

Mein Schiff 4  

2021 Sept 27 – 10day Kiel to Bremerhaven

2021 Oct 7 – 10day Bremerhaven to Palma De Mallorca

Mein Schiff 5
Mein Schiff 6  

2021 Sept 11 – 9day Hamburg to Palma De Mallorca

2021 Sept 20 – 9day Palma De Mallorca to Antalya

2021 Oct 9 – 15day Suez Canal (Antalya to Dubai)

Mein Schiff 7 new ship 2023
Mein Schiff 8 new ship 2024
Mein Schiff 9 new ship 2026
Mein Schiff Herz (the old Mein Schiff 2)
Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Breeze
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Dream
Carnival Ecstasy
Carnival Elation
Carnival Fantasy
Carnival Fascination
Carnival Freedom 2021 Sept 22 – 17-day Panama Canal (Seattle to Fort Lauderdale)
Carnival Glory
Carnival Horizon
Carnival Imagination
Carnival Inspiration
Carnival Legend 2021 Oct 15 – 8day Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona

2021 Oct 31 – 14day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Baltimore MD)

Carnival Liberty
Carnival Magic Starting November 6, 2021, the Carnival Magic ship offers roundtrip departures from homeport Port Canaveral FL
Carnival Mardi Gras new ship 2020
Carnival Miracle
Carnival Panorama
Carnival Paradise
Carnival Pride 2021 Oct 31 – 14day Panama Canal (Baltimore to Tampa FL)
Carnival Sensation
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Splendor
Carnival Sunrise (ex Carnival Triumph)
Carnival Sunshine (ex Carnival Destiny)
Carnival Valor
Carnival Radiance (ex Carnival Victory)
Carnival Vista
Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Apex 2021 Oct 21 – 14day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale FL)
Celebrity Beyond new ship 2020
Celebrity Constellation 2021 Oct 23 – 15day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Tampa FL)
Celebrity Eclipse  

2021 Sept 19 – 10day Alaska (Vancouver to Honolulu (Oahu)

2021 Sept 29 – 18day Honolulu (Oahu) to Sydney

Celebrity Edge 2021 Oct 29 – 14day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Fort Lauderdale FL)
Celebrity Equinox
Celebrity Flora
Celebrity Infinity 2021 Oct 19 – 15day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Miami FL)
Celebrity Millennium 2021 Sept 9 – 10day Alaska (Vancouver to Los Angeles CA)

2021 Sept 26 – 16day Panama Canal (Los Angeles CA to Fort Lauderdale FL)

Celebrity Reflection  

2021 Sept 4 – 12day Amsterdam to Civitavecchia (Rome)

2021 Oct 22 – 15day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Fort Lauderdale FL)

Celebrity Silhouette  

2021 Oct 29 – 9day Southampton UK to Barcelona

2021 Nov 19 – 16day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Buenos Aires)

Celebrity Solstice  

2021 Sept 3 – 7day Alaska (Seattle WA to Vancouver)

2021 Sept 10 – 15day Alaska (Vancouver to Yokohama)

2021 Oct 10 – 13day Yokohama to Singapore

Celebrity Summit  

2021 Oct 16 – 7day Boston MA to San Juan

Costa Cruise
Costa Deliziosa
Costa Diadema
Costa Fascinosa
Costa Favolosa
Costa Firenze new ship 2020
Costa Fortuna
Costa Luminosa
Costa Magica
Costa Mediterranea
Costa neoRomantica
Costa Pacifica
Costa Smeralda
Costa Toscana new ship 2021
Costa Venezia
Costa Victoria
Cunard Line
Queen Elizabeth  

2021 Oct 29 – 8day Hong Kong to Singapore

2021 Nov 6 – 13day Singapore to Brisbane

Queen Mary 2 2021 Jan 10 – 14day Southampton to Cape Town

2021 Jan 24 – 18day Cape Town to Fremantle

2021 Feb 18 – 3day Melbourne to Sydney

2021 Feb 21 – 17day Sydney to Hong Kong

2021 Mar 10 – 7day Hong Kong to Singapore

2021 Mar 17 – 12day Suez Canal (Singapore to Dubai)

2021 Mar 29 – 21day Suez Canal (Dubai to Southampton)

2022 Jan 18 – 21day New York City to Santos (Sao Paulo)

2022 Feb 8 – 13day Santos to Montevideo

2022 Feb 21 – 21-day Montevideo to New York

Queen Victoria
Disney Cruise Lines
Disney Dream
Disney Fantasy
Disney Magic
Disney Wish new ship 2021
Disney Wonder
Holland America Line
MS Amsterdam 2021 Oct 9 – 13day Montreal to Fort Lauderdale
Nieuw Amsterdam 2021 Oct 3 – 22day Panama Canal (Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale FL)

2021 Oct 8 – 17day Panama Canal (San Diego to Fort Lauderdale FL)

Nieuw Ryndam new ship 2021
Nieuw Statendam  

2021 Sept 15 – 14day Copenhagen to Civitavecchia (Rome)

2021 Nov 7 – 14day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Fort Lauderdale FL)


2021 Oct 5 – 10day Boston MA to Montreal

2021 Oct 15 – 14day Montreal to Fort Lauderdale FL

Veendam 2021 Sept 6 – 12day Amsterdam to Civitavecchia (Rome)
Zaandam 2021 Oct 16 – 11day Montreal to Fort Lauderdale FL

2021 Nov 10 – 17day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale)

MSC Cruises
MSC Armonia
MSC Bellissima
MSC Divina
MSC Europa new ship 2022
MSC Fantasia
MSC Grandiosa
MSC Lirica
MSC Magnifica
MSC Meraviglia
MSC Musica
MSC Opera
MSC Orchestra
MSC Poesia 2021 Sept 25 – 15day Copenhagen to Genoa
MSC Preziosa  

2021 Sept 12 – 10day Hamburg to Barcelona

MSC Seashore new ship 2021
MSC Seaside
MSC Seaview
MSC Sinfonia
MSC Splendida  

2021 Sept 23 – 11day Kiel to Genoa

MSC Virtuosa 2021 Sept 11 – 11day Kiel to Genoa
NCL Norwegian Cruise Lines
Norwegian Bliss
Norwegian Breakaway
Norwegian Dawn
Norwegian Encore
Norwegian Epic
Norwegian Escape
Norwegian Gem roundtrips from NYC
Norwegian Getaway
Norwegian Jade  

2021 Sept 23 – 10day Amsterdam to Southampton

2021 Oct 3 – 12day Southampton to Civitavecchia (Rome)

2021 Oct 15 – 9day Civitavecchia (Rome) to Venice

2021 Oct 24 – 11day Venice to Barcelona

2021 Nov 4 – 11day Barcelona to Piraeus (Athens),

2021 Nov 15 – 18day Suez Canal (Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai)

2021 Dec 3 – 18day Dubai to Cape Town

Norwegian Jewel
Norwegian Joy
Norwegian Pearl roundtrip departures from homeport Miami Florida

2021 Dec 7 – 16day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Miami FL)

Norwegian Sky
Norwegian Spirit
Norwegian Star
Norwegian Sun
P&O Cruises (UK, Australia)
Azura 2021 Oct 14 – 15day Transatlantic (La Valletta to Bridgetown)
Britannia 2021 Oct 22 – 14day Transatlantic (Southampton to Bridgetown)
Iona new ship 2020
Oceana 2021 Oct 11 – 20day Suez Canal (Southampton to Dubai)
Pacific Adventure (former Golden Princess)
Pacific Aria
Pacific Dawn
Pacific Encounter (former Star Princess) 2021 Nov 11 – 15day Singapore to Brisbane
Pacific Explorer (former Dawn Princess) 2021 Nov 6 – 3day Brisbane to Cairns

2021 Dec 4 – 3day Cairns to Brisbane

2021 Dec 7 – 3day Brisbane to Melbourne

Princess Cruises
Caribbean Princess 2021 Oct 21 – 14day Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale
Coral Princess
Crown Princess 2021 Oct 13 – 14day Transatlantic (Southampton to Fort Lauderdale)
Diamond Princess
Discovery Princess (new ship 2021) 2021 Nov 24 – 14day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Fort Lauderdale)
Emerald Princess
Enchanted Princess 2021 Nov 4 – 16day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Fort Lauderdale)
Golden Princess
Grand Princess
Island Princess  

2021 Oct 29 – 10day Southampton to Civitavecchia (Rome)

2021 Dec 6 – 14day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Fort Lauderdale)

Majestic Princess
Pacific Princess  

2021 Oct 14 – 19day Transatlantic (Venice to Fort Lauderdale)

Regal Princess  

2021 Sept 26 – 4day Alaska (Seattle to Vancouver)

Royal Princess 2021 Sept 4 – 16day Whittier to Yokohama

2021 Sept 21 – 12day Yokohama to Singapore

Ruby Princess
Sapphire Princess
Sea Princess
Sky Princess  

2021 Sept 3 – 15day Transatlantic (Copenhagen to New York City)

Star Princess
Sun Princess
Pullmantur Cruises (Royal Caribbean Spain)
Pullmantur Monarch
Pullmantur Sovereign
Pullmantur Horizon
Pullmantur Zenith
Royal Caribbean International
Adventure Of The Seas
Allure Of The Seas
Anthem Of The Seas 2021 Oct 20 – 10day Transatlantic (Southampton to New York City)
Brilliance Of The Seas  

Starting September 12, 2021, the Brilliance of the Seas ship offers roundtrip departures from homeport Boston

Empress Of The Seas 2021 Oct 15 – 15day Montreal to San Juan
Enchantment Of The Seas
Explorer Of The Seas
Freedom Of The Seas 2021 Oct 28 – 5day New York City to San Juan
Grandeur Of The Seas
Harmony Of The Seas 2021 Oct 31 – 14day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Port Canaveral)
Icon Of The Seas new ship 2022
Independence Of The Seas
Jewel Of The Seas 2021 Oct 27 – 12day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Miami FL)
Liberty Of The Seas
Majesty Of The Seas
Mariner Of The Seas
Navigator Of The Seas
Oasis Of The Seas Starting November 3, 2021, Oasis OTS offers roundtrips from Miami
Odyssey Of The Seas 2021 Oct 28 – 14day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Fort Lauderdale)
Ovation Of The Seas
Quantum Of The Seas
Radiance Of The Seas  

2021 Sept 10 – 10day Alaska (Vancouver to Honolulu (Oahu)

Rhapsody Of The Seas  

2021 Nov 30 – 14day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Tampa)

Serenade Of The Seas
Spectrum Of The Seas
Symphony Of The Seas
Vision Of The Seas  

2021 Oct 30 – 13day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale)

Voyager Of The Seas
Wonder Of The Seas new ship 2021
Viking Ocean Cruises
Viking Jupiter  

2021 Sept 28 – 14day Bergen to Barcelona

2021 Nov 14 – 21day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Buenos Aires)

Viking Sea
Viking Sky
Viking Orion  

2021 Sept 19 – 14day Tokyo to Hong Kong

2021 Oct 31 – 14day Hong Kong to Laem Chabang (Bangkok)

2021 Nov 14 – 12day Laem Chabang (Bangkok) to Bali

2021 Nov 26 – 16day Bali to Sydney

Viking Star
Viking Sun
Viking Tellus (new ship 2021)
Viking Venus (new ship 2021) 2021 Oct 4 – 14day Bergen to Barcelona
Viking Octantis (Viking Expeditions) new ship 2021
Viking Polaris (Viking Expeditions) new ship 2022
Marella Cruises (Thomson UK)
Marella Explorer (the old Mein Schiff 1)
Marella Explorer 2 (former Celebrity Century)
Marella Discovery (former Splendour of the Seas)
Marella Discovery 2 (former Legend of the Seas)
Marella Dream

Small and Luxury cruise lines ship relocation

(Fred Olsen ) MS Balmoral
(Fred Olsen ) MS Black Watch
(Fred Olsen ) MS Boudicca  

2021 Oct 18 – 17day Transatlantic (Dover to Havana)

2021 Nov 4 – 12day Havana to Puerto Caldera

2021 Nov 16 – 28day Puerto Caldera to Auckland

2021 Dec 15 – 14day Auckland to Sydney

2021 Dec 28 – 15day Sydney to Bali

(Fred Olsen ) MS Braemar 2021 Dec 7 – 16day Transatlantic (Southampton to Bridgetown)
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV Jules Verne /former Astor
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV Astoria
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV TBN /former Pacific Aria
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV TBN /former Pacific Dawn
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV Columbus (former Pacific Pearl)
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV Magellan
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV Marco Polo
(Cruise And Maritime Voyages) CMV Vasco da Gama (former Pacific Eden)
(Phoenix Reisen) Amera (former MS Prinsendam) 2021 Oct 13 – 14day Bremerhaven to Venice

2021 Oct 27 – 10day Venice to Monaco

2021 Dec 21 – 25day Monaco to Cape Town

(Phoenix Reisen) Artania  

2021 Sept 22 – 24day Transatlantic (Bremerhaven to Miami)

2021 Oct 16 – 26day Transatlantic (Miami to Bremerhaven)

2021 Dec 23 – 23day Transatlantic (Hamburg to Genoa)

(Phoenix Reisen) Amadea  

2021 Oct 15 – 26day Bremerhaven to Cape Town

2021 Nov 11 – 16day Cape Town to Port Louis

2021 Nov 27 – 26day Suez Canal (Port Louis to Villefranche (Nice)

(Phoenix Reisen) Albatros 2021 Dec 20 – 20day Suez Canal (Monaco to Dubai)
(Phoenix Reisen) Deutschland
Ritz-Carlton Evrima  

2021 Sept 10 – 12day Transatlantic (Lisbon to Halifax)

2021 Oct 22 – 12day Canada to Caribbean-USA (Halifax to Fort Lauderdale)

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady new ship 2020
Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady new ship 2021
Norwegian Yacht Voyages NYV Caroline new ship 2023
Azamara Journey  

2021 Nov 2 – 16day Suez Canal (Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai)

2021 Nov 18 – 19day Dubai to Singapore

2021 Dec 7 – 12day Singapore to Fremantle

Azamara Pursuit  

2021 Nov 6 – 15day Piraeus (Athens) to Civitavecchia (Rome)

2021 Nov 21 – 9day Civitavecchia (Rome) to Lisbon

2021 Nov 30 – 21day Lisbon to Cape Town

Azamara Quest  

2021 Nov 14 – 12day Transatlantic (Lisbon to Miami)

Oceania Insignia 2021 Sept 6 – 15day Transatlantic (Amsterdam to New York City)
Oceania Marina 2021 Nov 21 – 14day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Miami)

2021 Dec 5 – 14day Panama Canal (Miami to Callao (Lima)

2021 Dec 19 – 20day Callao (Lima) to Buenos Aires

Oceania Nautica  

2021 Nov 12 – 20day Suez Canal (Istanbul to Dubai)

2021 Dec 12 – 30day Dubai to Cape Town

Oceania Regatta  

2021 Sept 2 – 12day Alaska (Vancouver to Los Angeles)

2021 Oct 2 – 25day Los Angeles to Tokyo

2021 Oct 28 – 16day Tokyo to Singapore

2021 Nov 13 – 20day Singapore to Sydney

Oceania Riviera 2021 Nov 17 – 16day Transatlantic (Civitavecchia (Rome) to Miami)
Oceania Sirena  

2021 Oct 15 – 15day Transatlantic (Southampton to Miami)

Seabourn Encore  

2021 Nov 3 – 18day Suez Canal (Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai)

2021 Nov 21 – 17day Dubai to Singapore

Seabourn Odyssey 2021 Nov 7 – 14day Transatlantic (Lisbon to Bridgetown)

2021 Oct 1 – 7day Alaska (Vancouver to Los Angeles)

2021 Oct 8 – 21day Panama Canal (Los Angeles to Miami)

Seabourn Ovation 2021 Nov 7 – 16day Suez Canal (Athens to Dubai)
Seabourn Quest
Seabourn Sojourn  

2021 Oct 23 – 14day Barcelona to Lisbon

2021 Nov 6 – 12day Transatlantic (Lisbon / Miami)

2021 Dec 21 – 21day Panama Canal (Miami to Los Angeles)

Seabourn Venture new ship 2021
Silversea Silver Dawn (new ship 2021) 2021 Nov 2 – 13day Transatlantic (Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale)
Silversea Silver Moon 2021 Nov 1 – 16day Suez Canal (Piraeus (Athens) to Dubai)
Silversea Silver Muse
Silversea Silver Shadow
Silversea Silver Spirit
Silversea Silver Whisper 2021 Oct 28 – 14day New York City to Bridgetown
Silversea Silver Wind 2021 Oct 12 – 17day Lisbon to Dakar

2021 Oct 29 – 22day Transatlantic (Dakar to Buenos Aires)

2021 Nov 20 – 22day Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

SeaDream 1 2021 Nov 6 – 13day Transatlantic (Barcelona to Bridgetown)
SeaDream 2 2021 Nov 6 – 14day Transatlantic (Barcelona Spain to San Juan Puerto Rico)

By comparing all Repositioning Cruises Fall 2021-2022 one-way ship relocation itineraries, you will be able to find some of the most affordable to absolutely cheap deals on the market. Booking is all you need to do for a budget-friendly, most relaxing, sea-days intensive, low-season discounted vacation in September, October, or November each year. So it’s up to you to enjoy the lines’ cheapest offers and all the feature onboard activities and modern amenities their vessels have to offer. Good luck!