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Marella “Repositioning Cruises” 2022-2023-2024 Marella Cruises ships with one-way itineraries (Spring and Fall ship relocation deals) relate to the following categories:

Marella Cruises Repositioning

Marella Reposition Cruises COMMarella repositioning cruises deals are offered also as low-season discount travel specials, so don’t forget to ask your travel agency about any other available discounts.

The list features cheap one-way travel deals to the Caribbean, Asia, and Europe. Also at great rates could be booked discounted deals with “cruise and stay” packages, especially in early Spring and late Fall each year. These discounted offers are the perfect option for budget-minded travelers to enjoy low-priced hotel packages during off-season times, in addition to the cheap Marella cruise ship repositioning deals.

Marella Cruises relocation deals are special offers on mostly Spring and Fall departures with one-way itineraries. Along with the Marella ships Transatlantic crossings between Europe and USA-Caribbean, other discounted offers are the Suez Canal transitions to and from Asian ports (Dubai).

Marella Repositioning Cruise Deals Prices

Our list of Marella repositioning cruise ships with one-way relocation voyages features also suggestive prices Per Person (in EUR, double occupancy rates). These are the cheapest Marella rates on Inside cabins (per person, prices are subject to change). Our information sources are the line’s official website and the Marella ships itineraries at

Generally, prices on Marella cruise ship reposition specials start at about GBP 100 pp per day (Interior room), but they also can plummet to about GBP 70. Rates include port charges, but not the airfare.

Repositioning Cruises 2022-2023-2024 Marella ships relocation

Follows the complete list of Marella cruise ships’ one-way relocation itineraries with ports of call (dates of arrival and departure) and prices PP.

Marella Discovery – Transatlantic

  • 2022 December 4 – 18-day Transatlantic from Malaga to Bridgetown, visiting Arrecife (6), Tenerife (7), Praia (10), Mindelo (11), St Johns (17), Basseterre (18), Pointe A Pitre (19), Castries (20), St Georges (21) – N/A.
  • 2023 April 20 – 17-day from Bridgetown to Port Canaveral, visiting St Thomas (22), San Juan (23), New Orleans (28,29&30), Tampa (May 2), Key West (4), Miami (5) – prices from GBP 2570 pp.

Marella Discovery 2 (former Legend of the Seas) – Canary Islands

  • 2022 October 29 – 17-day Transatlantic from Palma De Mallorca to Montego Bay, visiting Gibraltar (31), Cadiz (Nov 1), Tenerife (3), St Johns (10), Amber Cove (12), Grand Turk (13) – from GBP 1370 pp.
  • 2023 March 21 – 14-day from Montego Bay to Palma De Mallorca, visiting Puerto Plata/Amber Cove (23), St Johns (25), Funchal (31), Malaga (Apr 2) – prices from GBP 1550 pp.

Marella Explorer (former Mein Schiff 1) – Canary Islands

  • 2022 October 28 – 10-day from Corfu to Gran Canaria, visiting La Valletta (30), Palma De Mallorca (Nov 1), Valencia (2), Alicante (3), Almeria (4), Cadiz (5) – from GBP 1070 pp; 11-day to Tenerife – GBP 970 pp.
  • 2023 April 25 – 10-day from Tenerife to Corfu, visiting Funchal (27), Gibraltar (29), Palma De Mallorca (May 1), La Valletta (3) – from GBP 1220 pp.

Marella Explorer 2 (former Mein Schiff 2) – Transatlantic

  • 2022 October 27 – 10-day from Dubrovnik to Malaga, visiting Messina (29), Naples (30), Civitavecchia (Rome, 31), Ajaccio (Nov 1), Barcelona (3), Valencia (4), Cartagena (5) – from GBP 860 pp.
  • 2022 November 6 – 14-day Transatlantic from Malaga to Bridgetown, visiting Arrecife (9), Gran Canaria (10), St Johns (17), Pointe A Pitre (18), Castries (19) – prices from GBP 1360 pp.
  • 2023 April 16 – 18-day Transatlantic from Bridgetown to Dubrovnik, visiting Castries (17), Pointe A Pitre (18), St Johns (19), Horta (25), Ponta Delgada (26), Cadiz (29), Messina (May 2) – prices from EUR 1890 pp.

Marella Voyager – Transatlantic

  • 2023 October 28 – 15-day Transatlantic from Palma De Mallorca to Bridgetown, visiting Gibraltar (30), Gran Canaria (Nov 1), St Johns (8), Philipsburg (9), Pointe A Pitre (10), Castries (11) – prices from GBP 1900 pp.

Enjoy your cheap Marella repositioning cruises and happy and safe vacations with Marella Cruises!