Repositioning Cruises Alaska

See here Spring and Fall Alaska repositioning cruises 2015-2016 specials of the best Alaskan cruise ships. Alaska repositioning cruise deals are always on sale as low-season discounted specials. Relocation cruises to and from Alaska are offered each year on late Spring and early Fall sailings to and from this popular vacation travel destination.

Alaska cruise ships repositioning times are the perfect “budget travel season” to find most cheap deals with affordable luxury and truly very cheap “big ship” rates. In Spring and Fall all the big and more or less small ships in Alaska sail of reposition (transition) cruises to other regions with worm climates during the Winter months.

Repositioning cruises to and from Alaska – when and why?

  • Alaska Reposition Cruises COMseason and destination
  • Fall repositioning cruises from Alaska (in the months of September and rarely in early October). These are all relocation cruises from Alaska to Hawaii and Australia, Alaska to California ports (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego) and Alaska to Florida ports (Maimi, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa), and rarely to New Orleans LA or Galveston TX passing through Panama Canal. Sometimes are also offered cruises from Alaska to Asia and South America with some of the longest possible itineraries on ships sailing in Alaska.
  • Spring repositioning cruises to Alaska (sailings to Alaska operated in April and early May). These are cruises to Alaska, basically with the reverse itineraries with relocation cruises from Australia to Hawaii and Alaska, from Florida to California and Alaska (with Panama Canal) and from South America and Asia to Alaska with Pacific and Transpacific itineraries.
  • departure port
  • Vancouver repositioning cruises to and from Vancouver BC (Canada)
  • Seattle repositioning cruises from Seattle to Vancouver (during Fall), and the reverse itineraries in Spring to Seattle from Vancouver.Alaska Repositioning Cruises

Don’t forget to ask your travel agent about any available discounted “flight and cruise” deals to or from Alaska. Low-season Alaska travel deals also include the group of discounted land tours packages in the “ships relocation” season. Early Spring and late Fall are the best times of year to enjoy a low budget Alaskan vacation – hugely discounted rates on hotels, tours, transfers, all-inclusive offers – everything there is so cheap! You can start your trip in , say, Europe or Asia, or Australia. After the exotic experiences there you’ll continue your almost “Around The World Tour” with the most unique of all vacation regions of the world – contemplating the magic of Alaska!

Repositioning cruises to/from Alaska 2015-2016 ships relocation

Follows our list of all Alaskan cruise ships repositioning to and from Alaska for the 2015-2016 seasons (departure dates) plus some of the officially announced by the lines 2016 cruises. Follow our line-links for itinerary details and prices comparison.

Cruise Ships to Alaska in Spring 2015 to Alaska /Spring 2016 from Alaska in Fall 2015 from Alaska /Fall 2016
Carnival Alaska ship
Carnival Legend
  • Sept 15 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu
Celebrity Alaska ships
Celebrity Infinity
  • May 26 – 12day San Francisco to Vancouver
  • Aug 23 – 12day Vancouver to San Francisco
Celebrity Millennium
  • Apr 15 – 11day Honolulu to Vancouver
Sept 11 – 15day Vancouver to Yokohama/Japan
Celebrity Solstice
  • Apr 26 – 10day Honolulu to Vancouver
  • May 6 – 7day Vancouver to Seattle
  • Sept 11 – 11day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 22 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu
  • Sept 02 – 7day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 09 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu
Disney Alaska ship
Disney Wonder
  • May 20 – 5day San Diego to Vancouver
  • Sept 27 – 4day Vancouver to San Diego
Holland America Alaska ships
  • May 27 – 3day San Diego to Vancouver
  • Sept 29 – 4day Vancouver to San Diego
  • Sept 27 – 3day Vancouver to San Francisco
Volendam Apr 16 – 19day Yokohama/Japan to Vancouver Sept 23 – 25day Vancouver to Sydney
Westerdam Sept 26 – 18day Seattle to Fort Lauderdale
NCL Norwegian Alaska ships
Norwegian Jewel
  • Sept 19 – 10day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 29 – 12day Vancouver to Los Angeles
Norwegian Pearl
  • Sept 27 – 1day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 28 – 3day Vancouver to San Francisco
Norwegian Sun
  • Sept 28 – 4day Vancouver to San Diego
  • Sept 26 – 4day Vancouver to San Diego
Princess Alaska ships
Coral Princess
  • Sept 16 – 22day Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale
  • Sept 16 – 7day Vancouver to Los Angeles
  • Sept 16 – 5day Vancouver to San Francisco
Crown Princess Apr 30 – 6day Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • Sept 19 – 1day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 20 – 3day Vancouver to Los Angeles
Grand Princess May 11 – 3day San Francisco to Vancouver Sept 12 – 3day Vancouver to San Francisco
Island Princess
  • Apr 23 – 18day Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver
  • May 8 – 3day Los Angeles to Vancouver
Pacific Princess
  • Sept 7 – 9day Vancouver to Hawaii
Ruby Princess
  • May 3 – 4day Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • May 7 – 1day Vancouver to Seattle
  • Sept 13 – 1day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 14 -3day Vancouver to Los Angeles
Star Princess
  • Mar 31 – 4day Los Angeles to Vancouver
  • Nov 8 – 4day Vancouver to Los Angeles
Royal Caribbean Alaska ships
Jewel Of The Seas
  • May 22 – 7day Vancouver to Seattle
  • Sept 11 – 7day Seattle to Vancouver
  • Sept 18 – 8day Vancouver to Los Angeles
Radiance Of The Seas
  • Apr 20 – 11day Honolulu to Vancouver
  • Sept 11 – 10day Vancouver to Honolulu

Alaska repositioning cruises are the budget traveler’s dream. Cheap sailings, cheap flights, cheap hotels. All is “low-season cheap” travel deals and lousy weather in Alaska when the ship relocation happens. It’s there, it’s every year, it’s always very cheap. So pack your “best vacation ever” mood, book one of the alluring relocation cruise ships and go see the most pristine of all vacation travel destinations of the world! Best of luck with prices and availability!