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Repositioning Cruises Panama Canal 2014 Ships

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We offer you here all Repositioning Cruises Panama Canal 2014 Spring and Fall transits. Compare all lines, ships, destinations and dates. Learn how to discern the regular one-way Panama Canal transition cruises from the authentic relocation cruises through Panama Canal.

Panama Canal Repositioning Cruises

Panama Canal cruise ships relocation

When talking about repositioning cruises through Panama Canal, the predicament here is that most of the Panama Canal cruises are transits (crossings with one-way itineraries). Panama Canal cruise ships are usually departing either from Florida or California ports. Their transition cruises usually last for about 2-weeks.

These are two special “Panama Canal relocation cruise ships” hints for you (serving almost like shortcuts): the always funny one is “follow the money”, and the not so funny one is “mind the season”.

Repositioning Cruises Panama Canal

As to the money part, you’ll know the Panama Canal relocation cruises by their tickets prices. They will vary greatly (depending on line, ship and cabin category), but always with pleasantly low rates which could be easily defined as “top-luxury inexpensive to really really cheap”.

Panama Canal cruise ship transition – facts and statistics

These are two interesting Panama Canal reading links. For all things Panama-related – the Republic of Panama official website For all history-technology-facts stuff – see this Wikipedia link. For details on itinerary and to compare prices (indicative rates) follow the line-links from the table below.

Panama Canal Repositioning Cruises 2014 ships relocation (one way transitions)Repositioning Cruises Panama Canal cruise ships transition infographics

lines/ships Spring 2014 Fall  2014

HAL Holland America Panama Canal cruise ships

ms Amsterdam
  • Apr 28 – 14days Fort Lauderdale/Florida to San Diego, 18days to Alaska/Vancouver
  • -
ms Veendam
  • Mar 30 – 15days San Diego to Fort Lauderdale
  • Oct 18 – 21days from Boston to San Diego (with Florida ports)
ms Westerdam
  • Apr 15 – 14days from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego, 18days to Alaska/Seattle
  • -
ms Zuiderdam
  • Apr 18 – 18days Fort Lauderdale – San Diego, 22days to Vancouver
  • Sept 30 – 17days from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale Florida.

NCL Norwegian Panama Canal cruise ships

Norwegian Jewel
  • Apr 20 – 15days from New Orleans to Los Angeles, 20days to Alaska/Vancouver, 27days to Seattle
  • Sept 20 – 21days from Alaska/Seattle to Houston Texas
  • Sept 25 – 16days from Los Angeles to Texas/Houston
Norwegian Pearl
  • Apr 11 – 22days Miami to Los Angeles
  • Apr 18 -15days Miami to LA, 22days to Alaska/Vancouver, 30days to Seattle
  • Sept 21 – 26days from Seattle/Alaska to Miami
  • Sept 28 – 19days to Miami from Vancouver
  • Oct 3 – 14days LA to Miami
Norwegian Star
  • Apr 13 – 22days from LA to Miami
  • Apr 20 – 29days from Los Angeles to Europe (Copenhagen/Denmark)
  • Oct 6 – 28days Transatlantic and Panama Canal (from Copenhagen to LA)
  • Oct 20 – 14days Miami to LA
Norwegian Sun
  • Apr 28 – 15days Miami to Los Angeles, 21days to Vancouver
  • Sept 29 – 20days from Vancouver to Florida/Tampa
  • Oct 4 – 15days from LA to Tampa
Norwegian Sun
  • -
  • Sept 29 – 20days from Alaska/Vancouver to Tampa Florida.

Princess Panama Canal ships

Coral Princess
  • Apr 28 – 15days Florida to LA, 19days to Alaska/Vancouver BC
  • Sept 23 – 14days from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale
Island Princess
  • May 1 – 15days Fort Lauderdale to LA, 21days Florida to Alaska/Vancouver
  • Sept 24 – 18days from Alaska/Vancouver to Florida
  • Sept 27 – 15days from San Francisco to Florida.

CostaCunard / Disney / Carnival / Celebrity cruise ships

Carnival Imagination
  • Jan 10 – 16days from Miami to Los Angeles (Long Beach CA)
  • -
Carnival Legend
  • -
  • Aug 17 – 13days from Tampa to LA (Long Beach CA)
Celebrity Infinity
  • Mar 16 – 19days from South America to Florida (Valparaiso/Chile to Miami)
  • -
Costa Deliziosa
  • Jan 6 – 29days Transatlantic and Panama Canal from Europe to California (Savona to Los Angeles)
  • -
CUNARD Queen Elizabeth
  • Jan 10 – 27days Transatlantic and Panama Canal – from Southampton/UK to San Francisco CA
  • Jan 18 – 19days from New York to San Francisco
  • -
Disney Wonder
  • May 2 – 15days Miami to San Diego
  • Sept 14 – 14days from Los Angeles to Galveston Texas.

small and luxury Panama Canal cruise ships (mostly with all-inclusive deals)

Crystal Symphony
  • May 15 – 17days to New Orleans from Los Angeles
  • Oct 15 – 13days Miami to San Diego, 28days to New Zealand/Auckland
Phoenix Reisen ms Albatros
  • Feb 19 – 18days from South America to Cuba (Callao/Peru to Havana)
  • -
  • May 6 – 16days from Callao/Peru to New York
  • -
  • May 1 – 16days to San Francisco from Miami
  • Aug 29 – 18days from San Francisco to New York (Cabo, Chiapas, Puntarenas, Colombia, Norfolk VA, to NYC).

It appears, our Panama Canal repositioning cruises are not so many, huh? Indeed, but this is all them cruise lines got on this destination. Know that with time prices on repositioning cruise deals (including on transition through Panama Canal) usually go down. But the economic law of “Supply And Demand” will always rule – cruise lines will price cruises and cabin categories accordingly. So good luck with those, and happy Panama Canal reposition sailings!

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