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Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Cruises 2014 Ships Relocation

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Compare here all Celebrity repositioning cruises 2014 dates and prices. Celebrity Cruises repositioning ships with Spring and Fall 2014 one-way cruise deals belong to the following categories:

Celebrity Cruises Repositioning Cruises

Celebrity repositioning cruises

Since Celebrity repositioning cruises deals are offered also as low-season discount travel specials, don’t forget to ask your travel agency about any other available discounts. The list features cheap fly-cruise deals to Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii or Mediterranean. Also at great rates could be booked discount cheap travel deals with cruise and stay packages, especially in early Spring and late Fall each year. The last group of discounts offers the perfect option for budget-minded travelers to enjoy low-priced hotel packages in addition to their cheap Celebrity cruise deals during these off-season times.

Celebrity lines relocation cruise deals are special offers on mostly Spring and Fall departures with one-way itineraries. Along with the Celebrity’s Transatlantic cruises to/from Florida to Europe (Mediterranean and UK), among the most popular are also the repositioning deals to and from Alaska with Hawaii and Mexico. Another group offers Transpacific itineraries – departing from Australia to Hawaii and Alaska (Seattle).

The USA East Coast repositioning to/from New York to Puerto Rico is also one of these group specials. A big number of Panama Canal cruises are also available for booking on Celebrity cruise ships. Their itinerary choices also include departures from South America to Florida and Caribbean, and the reverse from Florida to South America ports.

Celebrity Repositioning Cruise Deals PricesCelebrity repositioning cruise deals

Our list of Celebrity repositioning cruise 2014 deals on ships with relocation voyages features also suggestive prices Per Person (in USD, double occupancy rates). These are the cheapest Celebrity cruise rates on Inside cabins (per person, prices are subject to change). Our information sources – the line’s official website and the Celebrity cruise ships schedules at

We show you here exclusively prices on one-way Celebrity Cruises deals. These are longer than usual sailings with limited call ports.

Generally, prices on Celebrity Cruises repositioning specials start at about $120 pp per day (Interior room), but they also can plummet to about $80. These Celebrity rates include port charges, but not the airfare.

Our Celebrity relocation cruise deals prices were last updated in December 2013.

Celebrity Repositioning Cruises 2014 Spring and Fall Celebrity ships relocation (one-way itineraries)

Celebrity Century Panama Canal and Alaska repositioning

Celebrity Constellation Transatlantic repositioning Florida-Europe/Mediterranean-Florida

Celebrity Eclipse Transatlantic cruise repositioning from Europe/UK to Florida, and Florida to Europe/UK.

Celebrity Equinox Transatlantic repositioning Florida-Europe-Florida

Celebrity Infinity Transatlantic and Panama Canal repositioning

Celebrity Millennium repositioning – Alaska, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Asia-Australia

Celebrity Reflection Transatlantic repositioning from Florida-Europe/Mediterranean-Florida

Celebrity Silhouette Transatlantic repositioning

Celebrity Solstice Alaska and Australia repositioning

Celebrity Summit repositioning from Caribbean (Puerto Rico) to NYC New York

Enjoy your cheapest one-way Celebrity repositioninng cruises in 2014, and happy and safe sailings with the Celebrity line!

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