Costa Cruises “Repositioning Cruises” 2021-2022 Costa Crociere ships with one-way itineraries (Spring and Fall ship relocation deals) relate to the following categories::

  • Costa Transatlantic cruises – from Mediterranean/Europe to South America and the Caribbean in Fall, and the reverse in Spring.
  • Costa Suez Canal cruises (transition Europe-Asia)
  • Baltic-Mediterranean-Baltic repositioning cruises.

Costa Cruises Repositioning

Costa Reposition Cruises COMAll the Costa Crociere’s (Italian) fans call these specials “crociere di riposizionamento”. Costa repositioning cruise deals feature, besides their absolutely low-budget affordable fares, also excitingly special and uniquely different from other lines itineraries. Our info sources are their official website and the Costa ships itineraries at

The interesting group of the Costa one-way cruise specials offered with their ships’ relocation includes numerous Transatlantic crossings from South America to Europe in Spring. The reverse relocation cruises from Mediterranean/Europe to South America are operated during Fall, and on some ships – Winter. Costa cruises through Suez Canal usually depart from Italy’s biggest Mediterranean ports and end in Egypt or Dubai (Fall, the reverse in Spring).

Costa Repositioning Cruise Deals PricesCosta repositioning cruise deals

Since Costa is a European cruise line, many specials are from the “one-way itinerary” group of voyages in the region of the Mediterranean Sea. Some Costa ships do relocation cruises moving from one departure port to another to offer a different set of round-trip deals.

Many of the Costa cruise ships offer exclusively European repositioning deals for ship relocation (usually in late Spring) from the Mediterranean to Baltic. The reverse itineraries are operated in late Fall – from the region of the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean, where these ships sail through the Winter months.

In this survey, we also offer you prices to compare all Costa repositioning cruise ships rates. These are all suggestive prices in USD (based on double occupancy) with the lowest fares on the cheapest grade cabins. Although regularly updated, our Costa Cruises repositioning prices are subject to change.

Repositioning Cruises 2021-2022 Costa ships relocation

Follows the complete list of Costa cruise ships’ one-way relocation itineraries with ports of call (dates of arrival and departure) and prices PP.

Costa Deliziosa – World Cruise

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Costa Diadema – Europe

  • 2021 May 24 – 11-day from Barcelona to Kiel, visiting Cadiz (26), Lisbon (27), La Coruna (29), Le Havre (Paris, 31), Kristiansand ( Jun 2), Copenhagen (3) – $920 pp; 12-day to Copenhagen – from $980 pp.

Costa Fascinosa – Transatlantic Europe-South America

  • 2021 September 9 – 10-day from Copenhagen to Barcelona, visiting Harwich (11), Cherbourg (12), La Coruna (14), Porto (15), Lisbon (16), Valencia (18) – prices from $850 pp.
  • 2021 December 1 – 15-day Transatlantic from Barcelona to Pointe A Pitre, visiting Savona (2), Marseille (3), Tangier (5), Tenerife (7), Basseterre (14), Fort de France (15) – from $1050 pp.
  • 2022 April 1 – 13-day Transatlantic from Pointe A Pitre to Barcelona, visiting Castries (2), Bridgetown (3), Tenerife (10), Gibraltar (12) – prices from $1040 pp.

Costa Favolosa – Transatlantic Europe-South America

  • 2021 April 18 – 11-day from Barcelona to Bremerhaven, visiting Malaga (20), Cadiz (21), Lisbon (22&23), Vigo (24), Le Havre (Paris, 26), Zeebrugge (Bruges, 27) – prices from $880 pp.
  • 2021 September 18 – 13-day from Bremerhaven to Savona, visiting Ijmuiden (19), Dover (20), Southampton (21), La Coruna (23), Vigo (24), Lisbon (25), Cadiz (26), Malaga (27), Barcelona (29), Marseille (30) – from $1230 pp.
  • 2022 April 16 – 16-day Transatlantic from Rio De Janeiro to Marseille, visiting Salvador De Bahia (18), Maceio (19), Tenerife (26), Malaga (28), Barcelona (30), Savona (May 1) – prices from $1270 pp.

Costa Firenze

Sistership to Venezia, Firenze is one of Costa’s newest ships entering service in 2021.

Costa Fortuna – Transatlantic

  • 2021 May 24 – 12-day from Tarragona to Stockholm, visiting Lisbon (26), Vigo (27), Le Havre (Paris, 29), Zeebrugge (Bruges, 30), Ijmuiden (31), Aarhus (Jun 2) – prices from $1020 pp.
  • 2021 September 25 – 12-day from Stockholm to Barcelona, visiting Copenhagen (28), Ijmuiden (30), Zeebrugge (Bruges, Oct 1), Le Havre (Paris, 2), Vigo (4), Cartagena (6) – from $1090 pp; 13-day to Marseille – $1130 pp; 14-day to Savona – $ 1280 pp.
  • 2021 December 10 – 11-day Transatlantic from Marseille to Fort de France, visiting Tenerife (13), Basseterre (20) – prices from $750 pp; 12-day to Pointe A Pitre – $800 pp.
  • 2022 April 2 – 13-day Transatlantic from Pointe A Pitre to Savona, visiting Castries (3), Tenerife (10), Gibraltar (12), Barcelona (14) – prices from N/A.

Costa Luminosa

So far, the ship has no scheduled repositioning itineraries and sails out of homeport Trieste.

Costa Magica

So far, the ship has no scheduled repositioning itineraries and sails out of homeport Bari.

Costa Pacifica – Suez Canal

  • 2021 November 28 – 19-day Suez Canal from Savona to Dubai, visiting Palermo (30), Haifa (Dec 3), Salalah (10), Muscat (12), Doha (14), Abu Dhabi (15) – $1440 pp.
  • 2022 March 19 – 18-day Suez Canal from Dubai to Civitavecchia (Rome), visiting Abu Dhabi (20), Doha (21), Muscat (23), Salalah (25), Aqaba (31), Palermo (Apr 5) – prices from $1380 pp; 19-day to Savona – $1440 pp; 20-day to Marseille – $1500 pp.

Costa Smeralda

The Smeralda ship operates on Mediterranean roundtrips and currently has no scheduled repositioning itineraries.

Costa Toscana

Sistership to Smeralda, Toscana is Costa’s newest ship entering service in 2021. The liner’s itinerary program is yet to be announced.

Costa Venezia – Suez Canal (Europe-Asia)

The new liner (launched in 2019) is deployed year-round in Asia. Following the inauguration (March 3, 2019), the ship was repositioned from Europe to Asia.

Costa neoRomantica

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Enjoy your one-way Costa repositioning cruises deals, best of luck, and always happy sailings with “The Italian” Costa Cruises ships!